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I have Grande Aspirations... Just like most of you. I dream, I wonder, I hope, and I keep up my faith. I aspire to be more than I ever thought possible, I aspire to be the very best "me" I can be, I aspire to change the world; even if only in small, un-celebrated ways. I have grande aspirations to see the world, to taste life, to meet strangers as I sit in unfamiliar places, and to leave pieces of my heart everywhere I wander. I have grande aspirations to stand on mountain tops, to breathe the salty, sea air, to long for water in the heat of the desert. I have grande aspirations to live- to truly live, to give my spirit life- to understand the power I have within, the power that we all have.


This tshirt from My Sister's Tee is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It's loose, light, and inspirational. I love graphic tee's, but sometimes I don't want to buy them for fear of the kind of message their graphics can send. My Sister's Tee delivers beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting messages in a fashionable way! I chose my tshirt in the dolman style and love it. While I was in Utah I was able to style the My Sister's Tee Fall look-book photoshoot; so I had the chance to really get to know each of their styles and I can tell you with certainty that they are all amazing. Each one is just as cute in person as they are in photos and the fact that they offer two kinds of fits makes them stand out. 

tshirt- c/o my sister's tee
kimono- h&m
leggings- c/o agnes & dora
shoes- sven clogs
necklace- the land of salt
rings- fifth & mae, style lately, hand-me-down from my mom
sunglasses- borrowed from brandi

Be sure to grab one or all of the styles from My Sister's Tee. They've got some beautiful new fall colors and are perfect for layering!


Marlen said...

seriously though, the way you edit your photos is just gorgeous. and what a lovely post- so inspiring and affirming :) And I love the idea behind that company, who wouldn't want a tee like that in their collection?

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures. I love your hair.

Brandi said...

Stunning pictures as always. And the sunnies arent too bad ;)

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