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It's no secret that camping and hiking are two of my favorite activities, but I did not go camping once this summer... and the only hiking I've done was a short evening hike in Utah. It just doesn't feel right! Here on the east it's been too hot and muggy to do any of that (let's not even talk about the bugs), and there aren't exactly mountains in my backyard, anymore. Not that I didn't have a great summer, because it really was amazing and I wouldn't change any of it! I just miss my favorite activities (the only s'more I had was at Lauren's wedding reception)... Hopefully I'll have a chance to go this fall; the weather has already cooled down this week (even though I was just sweating like crazy on Saturday). 

Lucky for me, the company Camp Brand Goods exists. I just throw on my camp tshirt and feel much better about missing out on all of that summer camping goodness. Plus, their tshirts are incredibly soft, so there will be no more complaining from me... as long as I am in one of these shirts, anyways. I also love the print- wildflowers are one of my very favorite things, so the bouquet of wildflowers on the shirt makes for one very happy girl.

shirt- c/o camp brand goods
cardigan- american eagle
leggings- c/o perle market
rain boots- steve madden
backpack- fossil
bracelet- seamaid market
arrow ring- c/o loopsway
necklace- c/o fifth & mae

Camp Brand Goods has an incredible collection of graphic tshirts and sweatshirts. I think I need a few of their sweatshirts in my closet... Yes, NEED.

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Autumn Duke said...

You are so adorable! I love how simple, comfortable, yet awesome this look is! And those boots! To die for.

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