A Day In The Mountains

There were a few people I absolutely had to see while visiting Utah, and Brandi was one of them. I was so happy and grateful that we were able to catch each other a few times. One of those days was spent picnicking in the mountains at one of my favorite spots with food from one of my favorite restaurants. We chatted about fashion and light-hearted things and we chatted about spiritual and more personal things. We took hundreds of photos (including the series of photos you will find in gif-form below...) and laughed until our cheeks hurt. 

These photos make me laugh, I had no idea Brandi was making all of those funny faces. I was too busy making sure I was aiming the remote at the camera...

After our day in the mountains we headed to my favorite smoothie shop and then to the mall for a little shopping; it was one of those days that you never want to end. I miss it all, already.


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

stunning photos!!


Leah Clark said...

cute GIF!
the clover field

kailyn marie said...

You're just the cutest darn thing ever!

Brandi said...

Haha...You're so sweet. Miss you so much!! Come back soon..

Marlen said...

seriously though, you take the most amazing pictures. your blog is always so much fun to look at because of the way you capture moments. And I want a friend date like that! Must bully someone to go on a picnic in the mountains for me (a tall order seeing how i live in chicago, haha!)

xo marlen
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