Weekend Fun

Back in the end of June, my friends came to stay with me in the small town where I live. We spent the evening wandering around the farmer's market and boardwalk, then watched a movie before bed. The next morning, we headed to "town" (it barely qualifies as a town, because it's so small) to peruse the antique shops and watch the "dragon boat races" (like this, but on a smaller scale). It was a cool, rainy morning, which is my favorite kind. We walked around the booths at the event, then I ditched them for work.

After work, we headed to Annapolis where we ate at the famous "Chick and Ruth's". My friend James and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and share the six pound shake, because it was a novelty, not because we actually planned on eating the entire thing. We didn't even come close, really. The stares we got from passerby's was my favorite part. We were sitting next to the window and were quite the spectacle. People would stop and laugh, or snap a picture and give us a thumbs up. I had to almost stand on my chair to reach my straw... After dinner, we explored Annapolis a little and  then headed home, exhausted and full.

Summer has practically come to a close... and I can hardly believe it! I still have a few adventure posts to publish, but I head to Utah on Wednesday, and when I get home, people will be back in school and this Summer, as I've known it, will be in the past. It was filled with so many sweet memories, and will always be one of my favorite Summer's.


Lublyou said...

A six pound shake?! So awesome! We once had the Kitchen Sink dessert and it was just something unreal haha

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

oh my gosh that shake!!


Kimberly Bonham said...

Love all your pictures. Looks like a great time!


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