Just a Dream

"Is all that we see or seem, just a dream within a dream?" -Edgar Allen Poe

Sometimes, I am not sure of "reality". When I went to Utah, it all felt real, normal, and my memories of Maryland seemed to be nothing but a dream. Now, I am back on the East Coast and my trip to Utah feels like nothing more than a dream... over in the blink of an eye. Life moves quickly, we must stay awake and savor each moment before it's gone. Even the hard times will one day be missed. Thank goodness I took pictures, because I would almost believe it was all just a dream, otherwise. I had the best time and made memories I will cherish forever.

These photos were taken with Brandi on my last night there. We met up to take some pictures, spend more time together, and then had snacks at a favorite restaurant with some other close blogging friends. I do miss the close-knit blogging scene that comes with living in Utah. Some of my best friends have been made through blogging and I miss them, dearly. I wish I could take all of my favorite people with me, wherever I go.

jacket- karma
dress- c/o mart of china
shoes- sven clogs
jewelry- c/o fifth & mae

This has been a go-to outfit lately. I am in love with this dress, so much so that I have a blue one arriving any day now... This jacket is the perfect addition to my wardrobe, it hits in a much better place on my short torso for certain outfits than my other denim jackets do. And this jewelry, It's all from Fifth and Mae, and really, if you haven't figured out my love for that company by now, then you haven't been reading a word I've said for the past year. Basically, this outfit is everything I love, all rolled into one. It's a good thing you don't see what I wear every day... because it's this outfit right here, on repeat... and that would be embarrassing.


Amy said...

i know what you mean...put a few days in between something and the past can most definitely feel like a dream for me.
i'm glad you were able to make some beautiful memories while visiting!
(and that outfit is gorgeous!)

The Braided Bandit said...

What beautiful light in these photos! I just went through the SAME exact thing after a visit home to NJ and now being back in Colorado!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!


Leah Clark said...

Oh my goodness I just looove fifth and mae! I have ordered several things from there and I even got all of my bridesmaids a necklace as part of their gift!


the clover field

Autumn Duke said...

You are stunning! I loved seeing you in this outfit the other day. You have the best style. If you ever move back to Utah, take me shopping with you? :)

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