Weekends in Washington (dc)

In Utah my weeks were crazy and all over the place, I didn't have regular weekends, they were just extensions of the rest of the week. But here, on the east coast, I seem to have more of a normal schedule. My weeks are spent working and spending time with my family. Then on the weekends, I venture up to DC and hang out with my friends; we explore the city, attend church, cook sunday dinners, and then I drive home, late Sunday night, listening to uplifting podcasts. It has been amazing and I will cherish these Summer weekend's for the rest of my life.

This particular Sunday afternoon was spent exploring the capitol and it's grounds, catching fireflies in the grass, feeling completely care-free, and having far too much fun wearing THIS cape dress from Mart of China

How do you tend to spend your weekends? 


Autumn Duke said...

Love that dress! Your weekends sounds absolutely lovely. I'm glad you are enjoying your time in DC :)

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

that dress is SO cute!!


aka Bailey said...

This dress looks awesome on you! And your friend looks like Kate Middleton ;)

Anngelik Martinez said...

Such lovely pictures! Love the dress.


Katie said...

that black dress is darling on you

dani said...

You look so adorable! I want this right now! (The size guide is making me doubtful haha - do you mind my asking what size you ordered?)

dani said...

Nevermind! I was looking at the wrong measurements haha. #DuhDani

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