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The other day, my laptop battery and charger died... possibly fried; so if things get a little quiet around here, you will know why. All of my photos, music, and editing tools are stuck on that old, dead, machine. I think I may just bite the bullet and buy a new one. Goodness knows my old one is just that- old; and it's probably not worth the investment of a new battery and charger. So until then, I will resort to online photo editing tools and borrowing my sister's laptop (thank you!!)... Hopefully I can get it taken care of, soon!

Something that is the opposite of my laptop would be the company "Wear the Paint"; talk about new, fresh, and totally awesome! Located in New York, NY, they are just about the coolest kids on the block. I am loving my hand painted tee and all of the other products in their shop. It even came in a hand painted tote that I completely forgot to grab for the photos. I think that calls for a good, old fashioned hashtag- #facepalm. If you're looking for some edgy, basic, yet unique tee's or sweatshirts, then look no further. Wear the Paint is here for you!

shirt- c/o wear the paint
hat- target
jacket- nordstrom
skirt- c/o lulus
boots- nordstrom
watch- nordstrom
ring- c/o leather couture
fox bracelet- c/o fifth & mae

Wear the Paint will be having a runway show in New York on the 25th, and if you're in the area I really hope you can attend, It's sure to be amazing! You can purchase tickets HERE



Marlen said...

ahhh that REALLY sucks! my laptop is like four years old and im terrified it's going to crap out any minute now. i don't want to pay for a new one, haha! and love this outfit- that skirt is a total dream on you!

xo marlen
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Brandi said...

Sorry about your laptop! Thats hard and my worst fear. Love this look friend.

Bridgette Nicole said...

You look adorable in these pictures!! Sorry about the laptop! Hopefully some miracle happens and it starts to work again! :) Love and miss you cute girl!


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