Waltz // Shabby Apple & Erin Christine Photography

I once read a poem about a woman whose love was at sea. She waited for him on the seashore and watched for him from her house, day in and day out... perhaps it was a lighthouse. I can't remember the poem or who wrote it, but this photoshoot is reminiscent of that. It felt... haunting, in a way. This old, beaten down house, the sea across the yard, the "waltzing matilda" skirt from Shabby Apple. It was all very romantic to me and I hope that story can come across in the photos. If you know what poem I am talking about, I would appreciate you sharing it. I am sure there are many, but I'd like to hear the ones you know of, just the same.

I am in love with this skirt from Shabby Apple. It is elegant, truly makes me feel like a princess, and waltzing is almost a necessity. The fabric is heavy, in the best possible way, and it swooshes and sways with the slightest movement. 

These photos were taken by the amazing Erin Christine Photography. I met her at my local farmer's market a while ago and was so excited to collaborate with her. She is very talented and so easy going. We had so much fun on our early morning shoot. Plus, just look at that photo above... It is definitely one of my favorite photos of myself, ever. Truly a piece of art.

skirt- c/o shabby apple
blouse- c/o lulu's
necklace- a lost feather
shoes- nordstrom

If you are in the DMV (dc / maryland / virginia) area and are in need of a photographer, definitely check out Erin Christine Photography! She is so sweet and full of talent! Also be sure to check out Shabby Apple, their collections are stunning.


Amy said...

I recently saw this skirt on their website and almost fell out of my chair - it is GORGEOUS.
& gentri - that first picture of you by the water = swoon!

Kelly Genn said...


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!! that skirt is amazing on you!


(Ri)Charmed said...

What an amazing skirt. That's just timeless- a rare quality in a world full of uber trendy and trashy clothes.

Carley Lee said...

You NEED to listen to "Lighthouse" by the Hush Sound - it totally captures the 'haunting romantic' feeling of these photos and the thoughts you shared.
Absolutely gorgeous, as usual, Gentri! There's aren't very many people who can pull of a full dotted maxi, but girl you look effortless!

Lublyou said...

Gentri, you look so lovely! Also great job on finding such romantic locations and backdrops!

dani said...

You look like a princessssss.

Laura Ashley said...

Hello, Gentri! Fist of all, I love your name! My name is Laura Ashley - I get teased about fashion designing a lot - and I think your name is very pretty! :) he skirt is gorgeous. Shabby Apple is one of my fave. websites. I waste a lot of time on there, dreaming about owning those gorgeous clothes/ :)

Katie said...

I really love that first photo! so pretty

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