Sailing Adventure

A few weeks ago, I went sailing for the first time. My friends and I had a blast and it really was one of the best weekends I've had in Maryland, yet! (and there have been a lot of great weekends) We headed to one of the southernmost points of Maryland and met up with a bunch of other people from church. We made new friends, ate delicious food, went on a nature walk, and of course- sailed. The day of sailing was hosted in the backyard of this beautiful home (below). I love the charm of all the east coast homes.

In southern Maryland, there is a giant bridge. I've never seen anything like it. It puts you high over the bay giving you a view you just don't get anywhere else. We happened to cross that bridge right at sunset, which resulted in possibly the most exciting moment of the night. It was a spectacular sight, and really was the cherry on top to an already perfect day.


Amy said...

stunning sunset.
sounds like a fabulous sailing adventure.

Lizzie Justice said...

It sounds like such a dreamy adventure. Between the beauty of the east coast and the fun of sailing, it is the perfect weekend adventure!

Allison said...

How beautiful!! What a fun first sailing experience. :)

aka Bailey said...

Wow, what a spectacular day!

Emma Ashby said...

Seriously every picture you post of the East Coast is gorgeous! This looks like so so much fun! And that house is beautiful!

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