Lighthouse Trip

A few weeks ago I saw a lighthouse for the first time. This one isn't like the lighthouses I have seen in movies and photos, but it's a lighthouse all the same, and I was just as excited to see it. I went with my family and we were able to explore the house as well as the museum. This is such a beautiful area and it was the perfect day to explore. Sunny, warm (almost too warm), and it ended with a downpour. 

I really enjoyed touring the old lighthouse and seeing how the keepers would have lived, years ago. I loved the spiral staircases, oddly shaped rooms, and creaky floors and think I could definitely be happy living in a lighthouse on a coast, somewhere.

We had just as much fun inside the museum as we did outside and were able to learn more about the area we currently live as well as the history of this little county. I ended up getting a little rowdy and they put me in shackles. As you can see, I overreacted...

My nephew, however, is a greater man than I reacted in a much humbler way. I guess we know who the real adult is here...

We then headed to dinner and followed it with some frozen yogurt. It was such a great day and I loved being able to spend it with my family.

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Nicole Young said...

Gorgeous photos Gentri! I've never seen a lighthouse that looks like that either!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!! looks like a great time!


Lauren W said...

This looks like SO much fun and it's close enough for a day trip. Definitely looks like a place I'd love to visit! :)

Lisa Pappalardo said...

Oh so fun! I just LOVE lighthouses! There is something so novel-y about them.
Lisa | c/oMKE

Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

GORGEOUS and I love those shoes! But I seriously can't get over the handcuff photos. You look so fun!

xo Lauryn
Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

Teaka said...

That's one thing for myself about living out on the Canadian prairies is that I've never, in my life, seen a real lighthouse. If I ever did have a bucket list, exploring one would probably be on the list. :)
Looks like you had a grand time!

Hallie Oceanside said...

I would live in a lighthouse, if it was possible, or at least have one at the top my house!
It would be the perrrfect addtion!

sweet harvest moon said...

looks like fun! north american lighthouses are way prettier than those over here where i live!

Amy said...

I grew up in Calvert County!! I miss it so much but it is much smaller than Salt Lake ha. I certain don't miss driving to Annapolis to go shopping :)

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