Kameleonz & My Lazy Summer Hair

There are few things better than Summer evenings. The temperature is perfect, the sun isn't high in the sky- but it gives off that evening glow, and people emerge for evening walks, yard games, and some good, old fashioned porch sitting. I love spending my evenings wandering around town, the beach, or on Friday nights- walking around the farmer's markets. It's always a happy accident when I find myself perusing the local fruit and art stands, and I do mean accident. I was running an errand a couple weeks ago and wondered why it was so busy in that part of town. I realized that it was a Friday night and figured I might as well shop around.

These Sunglasses are the newest addition to my collection. I love the clear frames and the polarized lenses, they're perfect for walking around on those long Summer days. They are Kameleonz which is a unique brand in that you can order packs that include interchangeable sidearms and change up the look. Mine are the Coconut Solo which I will be wearing with everything. I often find that sunglasses don't fit me well and slide down my nose. But these fit so well and I have had no need to adjust them every few seconds. They are also UV400, which is the highest level of protection your lens can have. Kameleonz is giving my readers 20% off with the code "GENTRI" at checkout, so definitely take advantage!

On a side note- I think I've taken this careless, summer hair thing to a whole new level. I honestly only do my hair on Sundays... and not even every Sunday. Of course I wash it more than that, but I don't do a thing with it. This adorable little beach town has gone to my head... pun intended. It may be time for an intervention, I can feel the anxiety that my untamed locks give the cosmetologists at the spa where I work.

sunglasses- kameleonz
shirt- thrifted
fox necklace- style lately
peace sign necklace- old navy
leggings- agnes and dora
colored bracelets- color by amber
silver bracelet- kotah bear jewelry

How do you like to spend your Summer evenings? Am I the only one who has completely given up on their hair, this Summer?
Remember to use the code "GENTRI" at checkout to receive 20% off your Kameleonz order! They are the perfect Summer accessory!


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

super cute! i love this look!


Amy said...

every time I see that bag I just want to steal it ;)
love your outfit & "lazy summer hair" - it looks beautiful to me!

Hallie Oceanside said...

Ahhh. Those glasses and that haiiiiiir! Girl you look amazing!

ShyScout said...

Those sun glasses are killer on you. I too have given up on my hair this summer, and ya know what? I kinda like my hair better in it's natural state :] You look great with your "lazy summer hair"!

Amy Harris said...

your hair is getting so long i feel! it is so pretty... summer is my favorite because i feel like you can totally get away with "lazy hair."

also. dying over that bag :)


Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

Hey girl, I know all about lazy summer hair! Why fix it up to just get it wild again?! Ammirite? You pull it off though. PS polarized sunnies are the best to people watch with! (i hope that didn't sound creepy)

xo Lauryn
Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

The Braided Bandit said...

LOVE your shades, trying to not even click on the link over to that company because it will only worse my sunglasses addiction! I think you're carefree summer hair looks gorgeous!
xo Hannah

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