Antique Haunts

There are few things I love more than a day exploring my favorite antique shops, and luckily, there are a lot of them around here, I can spend hours digging through every nook and cranny. I love getting lost in the shelves, reading old books, and smelling that familiar, musty smell.  As I explored one of my favorite spots one day, the kind old salesman asked if I was looking for anything specific, “I’m just wandering” I told him, and he replied “Well, this is a great place to just wander”; I couldn't agree more!

When I do go with purchasing antiques in mind I always make sure to have an idea of what I am looking for. Some of my favorite things to collect are- gold frames, milk glass, pretty books, old gadgets (like cameras and compasses), and of course- clothing and jewelry. Some things to look for when shopping for antiques are- familiar brands/ labels, condition (no stains or worn seams), and dates (to make sure what you’re buying is indeed- old).

If I have an afternoon to kill, it’s likely you’ll find me browsing the nearest antique shop. Even if I’m not looking to buy anything, it’s a great way to spark creativity, clear your mind, and inspire. Talking to the owners of the shops can also be half the fun. Just like each item collected in that shop, the people have a story to tell. Not only can they likely tell you about each item and where it came from, but they can tell you the story of how they and their store came to be.

Next time you have an afternoon to spare- check out your local antique shop. You’re bound to fall in love!


Amy said...

that dress = we need to see it! :)
I love, love antique shopping!!

Evanda Estes said...

i love little shops like this! also, those little buttons on that couch. so cute!

Jessica Holly said...

there is really not much I love more than antiquing.

Emma Ashby said...

I haven't gone antiquing in years! I need to look for some antique shops near me!!

Marlen said...

theres a vintage garage sale coming up next week in chicago that im SO excited to go to! it's just so fun rooting around old treasures and trying to think how you can make them work in your apartment :)

xo marlen
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Terri T said...

I LOVE you sweatshirt!!!

Erin Christine Photography said...

I haven't been here in a while but you make me want to go back!

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