Visiting Monticello & Charlottesville

Over Memorial Day weekend we took a trip out to Monticello in Virginia. Monticello was Thomas Jefferson's home, it sits on top of the carter's mountain range. You know I was loving being at a higher elevation, if nothing else. We took a tour of the house and definitely enjoyed stepping back in time for a day. 

We were spending the night in that area, so we stayed in the most adorable, old English inn that serves warm cookies in the afternoon and has a courtyard filled with fountains and roses. When we arrived, we did a bit of exploring and then headed out for a hike.

This was a short hike but so refreshing. I miss hiking so much; the scenery, the fresh air, the invigorating exercise. It was so nice to have a small taste, again. After our hike, we headed into town for some frozen yogurt and explored a little. I loved seeing the nightlife in that area. There was live music, a big wedding, and a lot of happy people.

The next day is when we headed to Monticello. Thomas Jefferson was such an interesting person, a scientist among many other things, and I loved being able to learn more about him and his lifestyle.

After Monticello, we headed to downtown Charlottesville. We had lunch and did a bit of shopping. I picked up some records and my family picked up some books. It was the perfect ending to our weekend getaway.

I really fell in love with Charlottesville; it is filled with old, Americana charm, yet it is urban and modern at the same time... Where are some of your favorite East Coast stops? I would love to know where I should visit next!


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos! looks like an amazing time.


The Braided Bandit said...

That first photo is stunning! Looks like such a pretty area! xo hannah

Hallie Oceanside said...

So gorgeous, I cannot wait to visit, this is on my "travel list"

Marlen said...

I love those old american charm towns! They just make me want to immediately buy an american pie and go sit somewhere cobblestoned. And what a gorgeous house he had! That dome is so interesting.

xo marlen
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Shop White Plum said...

Thank you for sharing! It all looks so picturesque! I want to go there someday and do all the things you did. I bet it was pretty neat to learn all about Thomas Jefferson! Love it!


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