Salvage & Stone

There are few things I love more than laying in the cool Summer grass and soaking up sun or watching the stars. These are some of the little things that make this season just about the best thing, ever. Now that I have to deal with a humid Summer, it's important to have ways to keep my hair {somewhat} under control. That is where Salvage & Stone comes in. 

This girl makes the cutest head wraps, they're the perfect accessory to keep the frizz, that is my hair, under control. I love this white and floral head wrap, the print is perfect for the warmer temperatures, the fabric is lightweight- to keep things cool, and because it has an elastic at the back rather than all the way around- it knocks out that headache problem that comes with so many other headbands these days.

headwrap- salvage & stone
necklace- old navy
jeans- nordstrom

Basically doing your hair in the Summer is pointless, so be sure to stock up on some Salvage & Stone head wraps! The prints are dainty, I love the colors, and you'll be wearing them everyday!


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look SO gorgeous! i love these photos.


Chelsea Hendrickson said...

LOVE the head wrap!

Hallie Oceanside said...

gorgeous as always, I have a huge thing for head wraps right now, I would wear them everyday!

Julia Paige said...

these head wraps are so cute!!! i love the outfit you paired them with.

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