Free Spirit

One of the reasons I wanted to move this year, to a place I had never been, was because I was feeling claustrophobic. I felt bogged down by the routine and life I had built for myself. It was a great life, and I don't think I'll live in Maryland forever, but I needed a break. I knew at the beginning of this year that it would be a time for cleansing, in a way; I even posted about it HERE, and I was right. Since I have moved I have spent time breathing. My soul feels refreshed, I am growing spiritually, and I feel much lighter. This year is a year for being still, for not rushing life, for enjoying the little things, for taking each day as it comes and each "problem" as it comes and being positive in the face of negativity. 

I have especially been feeling this way as of late. Free spirited in the sense that because my spirituality is growing- I am more free. My circumstances, as always, are reflected in my style. I haven't been doing my hair as often (another reason would be humidity), just scrunching it with some sea spray and braiding my bangs out of my face. I have been preferring loose, flowing silhouettes and light fabrics (these could also be related to the fact that it's Summer... but this is my blog and I say it's a reflection of my mood), and neutral colors.  Overall I am feeling so much lighter than I was when this year began, and I couldn't be happier about that.

kimono- just dawnelle
romper- lulus
shoes- target
necklace- the land of salt
bracelet & knuckle rings- fifth & mae
claw ring- style lately
sapphire ring- heirloom from my mom

Have you noticed a theme or something you have been working on this year? Where has it taken you so far?


Ashley said...

Perfect summery style! I'm loving your entire look!

Marlen said...

that's so awesome to hear that your move actually helped you achieve that feeling you wanted to find! it's so nice to hear you so settled and happy :) and the outside is lookin just as good as the inside- i LOVE that kimono!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Because of Jackie said...

You look beautiful and free and HAPPY, and it shows! Love your easy, breezy Summer look, it is a reflection of you in this moment, and it looks wonderful on you;)

Rachel | Daydream Frenzy said...

Well I'm loving your free spirit style! I can definitely see how it reflects you :) Lovely as always, Gentri!

Daydream Frenzy

MacKensie said...

So happy for you, lady. This new mood looks dang good on you. xo

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I am very happy that you are feeling refreshed and free! Love this outfit as well.

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