City Mood // Birthday Giveaway Winners Announced

Being in a city on a rainy day has it's own kind of feeling... A mood that seems to spread to everyone around. It's not a bad mood, it's just more of a serious, brooding mood. People are less likely to chat with others and yet there is an almost exciting buzz in the air. Luckily, it rains quite often here, because I love that feeling. It's the kind of atmosphere that makes me want to write a book, become best friends with some stranger I meet in a cafe, or make plans to head to some distant land. 

I bought this shirt at a thrift store and currently have it listed for sale on vinny's closet... but I think I might keep it unless someone gives me an offer I can't refuse. It was the perfect choice for this rainy, moody, city day. These clogs are my new favorite shoes. I have been wanting some for years, ever since I started blogging three years ago, actually. But I was never able to find any in my size. I finally found a company that makes them in child sizes that still look like the adult versions, had the color I wanted, and for a great price. I definitely want to order more, because I am in love. They are incredibly comfortable; I have worn them all over the city with not even a blister to show for it.

shirt- thrifted
necklace- old navy
leggings- agnes & dora
shoe- sven clogs
silver bracelet- kotah bear jewelry
fox bracelet & knuckle rings- fifth & mae
claw knuckle ring- style lately
sapphire ring- heirloom from my mom

What do you love about stormy days? Do you love rainy city days as much as I do?


A big thank you to all who entered my birthday giveaway! I loved hosting it and being able to share some of my favorite shops with you. I hope you were able to find some new favorite shops, as well! Below are the winners of the giveaway. I just want to say, thank you to the winners, for honestly fulfilling all of the required entries. 

Lulu's Gift Card: Caitlyn Stone
Land Of Salt Arrowhead Ring: Lauren Cooper
Just Dawnelle Kimono: Jessica Bingham
Miss Stevi Marie Flower Crown: Chelsea Olivia
Marilyn & Beverly's Starry Night's Necklace: Jasanna Czeller
Fifth & Mae State and Initial Necklaces: Kaylie Hooser


Dearest Lou said...

So pretty! Love this look (:

Dearest Lou

K&R said...

i definitely love rainy days, especially in the city. i love the smell of rain on the pavement.

Allison said...

There's something to love about rainy days when you have to take things a little slower. Love your look and that wall behind you. Too cute!

Jenna said...

I love the color of your shirt. I used to LOVE rainy days but Washington state has made me a little tired of them. With June almost over, I have seen way too many rainy days. Luckily, when the sun comes out it is amazing!

MacKensie said...

Beautiful as always. I've been missing rain these days. It certainly doesn't pour here like it did back in FL.

Shop White Plum said...

I just looove rainy days! There is something so magical about them, especially in the city because everyone is experiencing the same feeling with the rain. And what amazing clogs- no blisters. I still get them with almost every pair of shoes I wear!


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