Trends I'm Loving, But Haven't Always

^^Baby Doll Dresses- something I've always loved, but forgot about. Really hoping to order this one from Urban Outfitters.

We all have them, you see trends pop up but you're not really digging them, until you see it on someone and suddenly, you're in love. I have had a few of them, lately. It's not that I didn't like them, it's that I wasn't prepared for these trends to make a reappearance so soon (90's anyone?), but now- I'm so glad they have. These are all things I am working on adding to my closet, so you can expect to see them on this blog again, soon.

New Balance Sneakers- I used to have a pair of these and I wore them out. Pretty sure these will be ordered and on their way into my closet by the time this post has published.

Shirts and jackets tied around the waist- This was something I used to do daily because I was lazy. Now? It's a fashion statement. Loving this Chambray Button Down and This Gingham Button Down from Nordstrom.

Boyfriend Shorts- This one has been around for a while, and I still haven't tried it. Hoping to soon. This pair of Boyfriend Shorts from Nordstrom is on sale for $25!

Birkenstocks- barefoot or with socks (yes, I'm going that far), these are the most casually chic shoe of 2014. Now the only question is- mocha or taupe?!

What are some trends you weren't so sure of but now love??


Night Chayde said...

I haven't yet found the Birkenstock love yet but I do love baby doll tops and dresses. I know people hate them but inlove palazzo pants and never thought I would like something like that


Daryl Lindsey Schmidt said...

I'm a fan of Birkenstocks, purely for comfort reasons!

Castille Soap....my favorite! And there's nothing better than homemade bread. :)

<3 Daryl
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Denise Curtis said...

Those sneakers are AWESOME! I want that color.

I feel like boyfriend shorts only look good on really skinny girls. I tried a pair one time and they looked like I had saggy butt mixed with mom-shorts. Not a good combination! :(

I'm still deciding how I feel about Birkenstock's! I think I'm leaning more towards really liking them...but we'll see.

xo Denise

L A Chhay said...

I love that everything that was popular during my freshman year of high school is coming back!

Dearest Lou said...

I absolutely love baby doll dresses but wish I could wear the real short ones without leggings sometimes lol. Also, really wish I could wear boyfriend jeans/shorts but my hips are too wide and they just make me look fat. Can't wait to see how you style these items once you add them to your closet.

Dearest Lou

aka Bailey said...

Yessss, all about the boyfriend shorts. And I LOVED babydoll dresses back when I was in elementary school.

Amanda said...

It's so funny how trends come back around. I used to have a pair of Birkenstocks that I wore all the time in elementary school! Then they were totally out. Now they're back! The baby doll dress doesn't look great on me, but my sister totally rocks that look.

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Amy said...

I've missed seeing your posts!

Autumn Duke said...

It's crazy to me that the 90's are back... that I'm old enough to have my generation come "back" in style! haha!

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