Slowing Down

^^photo of my mom in 1960

Life is full of tough choices, ups and downs, and lame but neccessary tasks. Sometimes, those things need to be put aside so that the simpler, smaller moments in life can be enjoyed. Here are some of my favorite small, yet beautiful moments as of late.

ocean, boardwalk, and this viewfinder... it just seemed so picturesque 

i received this beautiful dream catcher in the mail along with some cards and a ring i had forgotten from some amazing friends

this beautiful scarf from just dawnelle always makes my day

as does this style lately tank

everything is so green here, such a change from the west

What have been some of your favorite small and simple moments, lately?


Christi Elizabeth said...

I love that you can find happiness in such little things! Reminds me that I need to stay more positive :)

Angelic Sinova said...

Lovely photos and blog! Some of my favorite moments since coming back home for summer and the little outside family dinners we've been having <3

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!


Ariel Hamilton said...

So glad the dreamcatcher got to you in one piece!!! :) xx

GingerPeachT said...

hi friend! Its been so long since ive been on blogger lol but i wanted to stop by and i love that viewfinder pic. did you use a different app to make it look extra dreamy? i'll be seeing you around on instagram :-) hope to meet you real soon!

aka Bailey said...

SO nice to receive mail from friends, when you move far away from them. This morning I took the time to enjoy the sound of falling rain in my neighborhood :)

Lizzie Justice said...

I love how green everything is in the east. It is beautiful. However I am loving the beauty of the west right now. Summer is just starting to hit.

Katie said...

adore these photos, gentri! congrats on finding/starting your new job!

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