Sari, Not Sorry

This gorgeous sari scarf is from Just Dawnelle. It's cousin, my serape scarf from her shop, has almost made more appearances on this blog than I have, Dawnelle just knows how to make them! I have worn this sari scarf almost every day since it arrived, and I absolutely love it! It is lightweight- perfect for those transitional periods between warm and cold weather. And just because I love a good pun, here are some things I'm Sari, but not really Sorry about...

I am getting wrinkly... Can you see those babies around my eyes?! It's sad until I realize that they've developed from all of the emotions I've been through this past year. Up and down, all around... and that is beautiful. I've learned and grown, I've laughed and cried, and they are representations of that. Sari, Not Sorry...

I am starting work again soon... yes, I haven't been working since I arrived on the east coast (besides blogging, which I thank my Heavenly Father for) but now things have finally started to fall into place and I have two great job offers that I am deciding between. Some people would think my last few months were time wasted... I say Sari, Not Sorry... I totally loved it.

While my social and career life have been put on hold the last few months because of that transitional phase, my dating life hasn't... Ok, so I haven't been on a ton of dates or anything, but there have been a few... But no, mom, nothing great, yet. Sari... Not Sorry...

The first thing I plan to do with a steady paycheck- buy a new pair of shoes. Sari, SO NOT Sorry.
I finally completed my gallery wall! Ok... My sister pretty much did it for me. I just have not figured out that art form yet. But, it looks amaaaazing! So, sari, but not sorry.

shirt- thrifted
leggings- agnes and dora
shoes- sam edleman

What are you "Sari, Not Sorry" about?


Amy said...

loving the scarf!
and loving the life updates!
i think with the season you're in right now - taking breaks, figuring things out, and just DOING life is what matters! :)
and hey hey....dates ;)!

Marlen said...

haha love the pun, and i LOVE how it's got that striped pattern in there. so pretty. also, yaaay for getting so many job offers! what sort of career are you in? and i *love* laugh lines- they always make me so happy. i'm a firm believer a face should be slightly lived in :)

xo marlen
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Beverly Houpt said...

congrats on the job offers! Awesome! And it sure is nice to take a break from working.

MacKensie said...

Yay for new jobS!! So proud! And ooh la la, can't wait to hear more about the dating life ;) Now let's just find me a job so I can start finding me a boy too. Sari not sorry! haha xo

Hallie Oceanside said...

I am so happy for you and all the amazing things that are coming your way.
You were lead there for a reason, and everything will fall perfectly in to place for you! I just know it.

Brandi said...

Sari, not sorry that I want to buy a new pair of shoes every week (and mostly do)

PS I love this scarf to pieces! wow...so pretty. Also...I want to know what the pair of shoes you'll buy are?? ;)

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

omg head to toe amazing girl! seriously u mix prints, textures and colors like no other! so pretty! and im not sari, not sorry about my handbag obsession! whoops!

XO meghan
citrus fashion

Lisa Pappalardo said...

OH love this list girl! That scarf is beautiful!
Lisa | c/oMKE

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