This post is the loner of my blog... It sat silent in my drafts for a couple months, just stewing and wondering why it's so misunderstood. I like it, I just couldn't decide if it would be shared with the world. It's moody, rebellious (as it doesn't fall into any one seasonal category), and I just don't know what to do with it. I think I'll go write in my journal and listen to bon iver.

beanie- asos
romper- lulus
shirt- vans (similar)
necklace- printed peaks
shoes- vans
bracelets- color by amber
skull bracelet- won at an arcade... true story


Natalie Groth said...

I love your Vans :)

Amy said...

i'm all about some moody posts (and pictures!) so i'm glad you posted it!
you look lovely, as always.

MacKensie said...

hehehe I love it. I'm all about writing in my journal while listening to Bon Iver.

Christi Elizabeth said...

Cute outfit! I love that you won that bracelet. Perfect!

Daryl Lindsey Schmidt said...

I'm surprised you were hesitating to post this! The style seems so you! I love those beanies btw, I will definitely try one next season.

<3 Daryl
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Night Chayde said...

This look absolutely suits you!! You look stinking cute!


Elana said...

I'm happy you ended up posting this! I love the contrast between the dress and the tough beanie and plaid button down. Also, that's hilarious that you won the bracelet in an arcade.


Kelsey Bang said...

i love you! your a babe! not moody at all, just fab!

Katers said...

Bon Iver. Classic stuff. Always puts me in a peaceful, calm mood. Excellent choice. And excellent outfit. I hope DC is treating you well!

The Braided Bandit said...

LOVE this look and the whole mood!

Amanda said...

Oh man, you look great in that hat! Hats don't really work for me :)

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