Beach Treat- Ten Calorie Soda

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Soda is a rare treat around here, my nieces and nephews are rarely allowed to drink it, and I stay away from it, myself. But when we were out shopping for mothers day presents at the Safeway in Prince Frederick, Maryland, we stumbled upon these ten calorie drinks... And well, I couldn't say no to the excitement in these kid's faces.
So, being the cool aunt I am, we grabbed some soda, made some sandwiches, and headed to the beach for an impromptu picnic.
The kids loved it and I didn't even tell them that they were drinking a healthier soda... why crush their dreams?
The soda made for a perfect beach day drink. Cool, refreshing, and delicious. Few things make me more ready for Summer than an ice cold root beer. Plus, they were easy to carry, recyclable, and make it easy to hand out when they're in the can. If you go with the liter version, just pour the soda into reusable glass or plastic bottles. It's just as easy, they have lids, and you're not dealing with disposable cups.
We had such a great time on our little outing. These kids crack me up and I'm pretty sure I gained cool aunt points for allowing them to have soda. Plus, it's pretty much guilt free since I know they weren't drinking all of their calories for the day.

You can pick these products up at any Safeway store near you, be sure to visit the Just For U website for a coupon for a free 2L of any flavor of the TEN calorie products (7UP Ten, Sunkist Ten, A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten). Offer available from 5/12 - 5/19, while supplies last! Twitter // Facebook


Paige P said...

Do these taste better than zero calorie diet sodas?

Autumn Duke said...

^^ I'm curious about that too! Also, what a cute little picnic basket! It looks so picturesque!Adorable kids too!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Awe, you got some great shots of those precious little kiddos! And I didn't know A&W had a 10 calorie soda...I am so on this next time I am at the grocery store.

Nnenna said...

I used to drink a lot more soda when I was a kid, but I rarely do these days! Love your adorable picnic basket and the striped straws. What a treat for the kids! :)

Purposely at Home said...

what a fun outing!! can you be my aunt for the day? ;)


PatrĂ­cia M. said...

So beautiful pictures, it look like a super funny moment.


Sara SHOEmaker said...

It has been far too long since I visited your blog! THis is such a charming post! I'm obsessed with those vintage striped straws I see everywhere lately, so cute in that vintage bottle. You are such a fun aunt! Everyone needs a good picnic now and then. Where is that adorable blue blanket from??
p.s. I finally put up pics of my baby girl on my blog! :)

Jenna Griffin said...

This is the cutest little picnic ever! One of my little students LOVES root beer. I may have to buy her one of these. :)

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