What is Love?

Love is unconditional, subtle, bold, beautiful, and sometimes ugly. Love is my nieces and nephews gathering around to watch my sister take these pictures for me. Love is me finding everything they say to be the best thing I've heard all day (niece: why do you hold your hair like that? nephew: she holds her hair like that to be fabulous!). Love is family, friends, nature, exploration, and the small moments in every day life.

Love is also what this tshirt from Style Lately is all about, and really, what's not to love? Gold lettering on a basic white tee, you know I... well, I love it!

shirt- style lately
jacket- forever 21
shoes- nordstrom
black and gold bracelet- calijouls

What is love to you? Please do share, I really want to know!


Naomi said...

You look love-ly! Cute skirt!

xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

Chrissy said...

Love is looking at my daughter.
Looking gorgeous as always, Gentri! xxx

Lori Darks said...

You are so adorable! Love the outfit!

xo Lori

Hallie Oceanside said...

I LOVE that shirt, and your adorable outfit as a whole!

MacKensie said...

Your nephew is right, you are fabulous. :)

aka Bailey said...

I love the idea of your niece/nephew gathering around to watch you get your pics taken :)

aka Bailey

Katie said...

love THIS. You are very fabulous :)

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