Grey and Gloomy

We've had maybe five sunny days here on the east coast since I've arrived. I expected to be moving somewhere a little warmer and It's been colder here than in Utah. What gives?! Wind and rain most days with some snow...

I'm loving this little necklace from Miss Stevi Marie. It has three charms- a hedgehog, a pocket knife, and an alarm clock. It's a great necklace to toss on with any outfit and be good to go. This shirt and these pants are both from Swell which has become a favorite of mine. They have a variety of styles and a great selection for Summer.

shirt- swell
pants- swell
shoes- nordstrom
necklace- miss stevi marie
rings- old

How is the weather where you are, has Spring arrived? Maybe you should share that sun...


Emily Baker said...

welcome to the east coast my friend :( at least you're in DC and not boston!!

Tereza said...

hopefully the sun comes out for you soon! We've had 2 day's of sunny weather but I just checked the forecast and we're expecting 14 days of rain. Booo Hoo, good old April in B.C…. guess I can't complain to much cuz just east of us the rest of Canada is covered in Snow!

Dorien said...

Ah, sucks you haven't had much nice weather. But at least the pictures are pretty haha! And I love your make-up :)

Taylor Hart said...

How adorable you are with your little Umbrella! What a good way to make the best of a rainy situation. Fun post!

MacKensie said...

Those pants are amazing!! xo

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

It'll get warmer and humid! Trust me. Today in NC it is 80 degrees and feels more like the start of summer.

Head to Toe Chic said...

Spring seems like it finally arrived in NC yesterday! I love these pictures of you and that fun necklace!


Paulette Hughes said...

I love this style of umbrella. I kind of want to take rainy-day pics now! Great outfit.

aka Bailey said...

Your umbrella is so cool! Sorry it's not warmer for you on the East Coast yet, but give it a few more weeks and I think it'll start feeling a little better :) I just booked a trip to Massachusetts for June, so I've got East Coast on the brain myself!

aka Bailey

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