Slowing Down

soaking in that utah view

As time passes we learn that the small and simple things mean the most. As I move away from home- people and places that I love- I have a renewed sense of gratitude for them and am so happy I have taken the time to document- even if it's just an iphone shot. Here are some of my favorites from just before I left Utah.

my nephew and his frown. luckily, he's coming with me

enjoying my favorite smoothie with lauren

getting in one last hike in the hills by my house


lucinda smith said...

those landscapes are gorgeous! good luck with the move - DC has it's views too. ;)


Denise Curtis said...

Wow. Beautiful scenery. So glad you were able to soak it all in before you left!

xo Denise

gypsie sister said...

So So beautiful!


Paulette Hughes said...

Beautiful. I hope you are enjoying your adventure. I've always fantasized about moving somewhere totally new, but never quite had the nerve to do it. Someday.

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