Road Trip Bits

The memories made on road trips are the best. If you've never taken one, I suggest you change that right now. You learn so much about yourself, your patience, your appreciation for the world around you, your love for the people you're with, and you experience the world in a completely new way. I will hold the memories made on that 2,141 mile trip from Utah to Maryland close to my heart, forever.


Jordyn said...

Roadtrips are my favorite kind of trips. I want to take a cross country one sometime in my life.
Pretty Lovely

Ashley said...

There's nothing better than a good road trip -- these photos are great. What an awesome adventure!

Gallery of Shea said...

Roadtrips are like magic memory packets - so much experience locked into a short amount of time. Love!


Brianna said...

road trips are the best! these are some really great pictures!

Lauren Crews said...

I love a good road trip! Although, your's is the biggest I've seen! So much fun. Makes me want to get the atlas out and plan a summer road trip!

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