It's A Swell Life

Well, I have made it to DC! I've been here for... I don't even know... a week? Two? The days have flown and yet crawled by. I am excited to update you all on life here. I'm still working on getting everything settled, but hopefully I'll sit down and catch up on blog-life soon.

If you're wondering, of course I miss Utah. I always do when I leave. But I am having a great time here, so far. These pictures were taken by the talented Emmy Lowe Photo just before I left, and I can practically here those mountains in the background whispering "we miss you"... but then I remember that I can hop across the street to the beach anytime I want, and I feel better.

This peasant maxi dress is from SWELL and I am in love. It is the perfect dress for this gypsy soul. All of the details are perfect, from the lace paneling to the tiny pops of color around the waistband.

dress- swell
necklace- the land of salt
gold bracelet- calijoules
silver bracelet- kotah bear jewelry

If you're looking for the perfect spring maxi- this is it. It's so beautiful, I am smitten! Be sure to check out SWELL, they have an amazing selection and the perfect items to update your Summer wardrobe. And for those of your in Utah looking for a photographer- I highly recommend Emmy Lowe Photo!


Dulce said...

You look so lovely! Probably said this before but lately i've been loving more and more your pictures, not because i didn't before, but these ones are different for some reason.

Jody Beth said...

Utah misses you! I miss you! But so excited to hear about all your adventures in DC. You're going to have so many of them! Hope all is well, girl! Love you!


Dani Marie Krum said...

I am loving everything about this post! The dress, location, and YOU! So pretty!
Love Me, Dani Marie

Melissa Cook said...

I love your dress and your hair is getting so long! #gorg !!

Emily Baker said...

gah!!! these pics are beautiful!!! hope you're enjoying DC :)

Katie said...

Gentri, you are a beauty.

Alyx said...


Van Nguyen said...

Everything is so lovely. You look great in blush tones.

ensembledeux said...

Ahhhh Love this outfit! :)

ensembledeux said...

Ahhh Lovely outfit! :)

ensembledeux said...

Ahhh Lovely outfit! :)

Jordyn said...

So pretty!
Pretty Lovely

Jessi said...

I seriously wish I had got this dress now haha you make it look so dreamy! You are gorgeous my friend!!


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