Eleven States

That is how many states I crossed while driving from Utah to Maryland. 7 days, 4 new tires, 2 cars, 8 people, and 2,141 miles. Don't feel sorry for me, I love a good road trip. The only time I grew tired was at the very end, the last forty minutes of our drive. The trip was filled with beautiful scenery, lots of laughs, and plenty of time to sit and get lost in my own thoughts. Now here I am, practically settled in, plans for the weekend, and the satisfied sigh of another adventure added to my list.


Ariel Hamilton said...

Good job on the timing for getting all those signs!! Every time I road trip and want to get a state sign it's an epic fail of blurriness or straight up missing it haha. Miss you! xx

Chrissy said...

Good luck for your new start, Gentri!

Jordyn said...

Im itching for a road trip right now! And yeah, good job with the signs, thats pretty impressive!
Pretty Lovely

The Egg said...

loving the state sign photos!

Elizabeth @ October June said...

This is completely gorgeous! You have no idea how badly I want to take a road trip this summer, and this is just making it worse (in the best way possible). I love this post! xx, Elizabeth


Emily Baker said...

giirrlll!! i'm obsessed!!! this is amazing!

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