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Some of you may remember my trip to Disney World last year. During that trip I took a bunch of videos then put them together to music. It has been such a fun way for my family and I to look back on that time, but the video never made it onto the blog. So here I am, one year later, finally getting around to it...
Now, I am NO videographer... in fact, I couldn't even figure out how to work my camera properly when it was on the video setting. I guess I should have practiced more. But I love this video all the same and I hope you can look past the shaky, over exposed camera work and enjoy pretending like you are at Disney World.
the songs I used: Now Is The Start, Where The Kids Are, Best Day Of Your Life, Ahead Of The Wave, Sail Into The Sun. I don't have permission to use them, this video is for personal use only.

Favorite moments from the video:
- my nephew's discouraged stance when he didn't throw his kite high enough 
- the roller coaster, makes me feel like I'm still riding it, plus those girls are in complete heaven!
- my nephew's dance moves. you cannot deny that he has serious skills.
- the way my nephew says "woah!" when they brought out the "kitchen sink"
- the way my nephew is hiding behind the curtain as the girls walked up to meet rapunzel. he wanted nothing to do with the princesses
- the way my niece clicks her heels together as she sits on the bench with ariel
- the seagull attack. seriously, we were surrounded!
- the way my niece has her hands shoved in her pockets while meeting mulan
- the way my nieces run up to snow white. they had wanted to meet her most of all and she was so sweet
- the laugh that I still get when watching my niece walk with her umbrella, her pants were on backwards all day (until she went to the bathroom that evening and realized it), so when we watched that video her sister laughed so hard at the thought that her pants were on backwards.
- the way my nephew practically throws himself off the dock while "throwing rocks in the water"- his FAVORITE game.

I hope you enjoyed reliving my trip as much as I did, seriously such fun times! Thank you for reading (and thank you for watching, if you made it through the whole thing)!!


Carley Lee said...

What a fun way to capture all the beautiful memories!
I also love A Fine Frenzy, so that was an added bonus :)
Have a beautiful weekend, Gentri!

Autumn Duke said...

This is such a fun, clever way to remember your trip by! Love it!

Amy Harris said...

this totally makes me want to go to disney RIGHT NOW! love having videos for memories sake :)

Candace Stevenson said...

i'm sooo jealousssssss!!!! I wanna go to disney so bad! Looks like you had so much fun :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Such a fun keepsake!

Lisa Pappalardo said...

OH I love videos like this! I always want to attempt them, but they make a bit nervous!
Lisa | c/oMKE

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