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If you missed the news... in about a month I will be moving to DC. I am so excited for this next adventure, but you may recall that I just moved a few months ago... I had been planning to share my "current" space (actually moving out today, so it's not even my "current space" anymore) with all of you. I really fell in love with this little room of mine, and even though it is no longer my room, I decided to share it anyways.
When I first moved in- this room was puke green... it made me sick just being in there. So I kindly asked if I could paint it an off-white. It put the move on hold and it was a lot of work, but it was well worth it. The fresh, white walls were just what I needed.
I have been collecting vintage trinkets, postcards from my travels, prints from local artists, and other baubles to decorate my space with for the past few years. I loved having somewhere I could display what I've collected, proudly. This wall was supposed to be my "gallery wall" but I wasn't ever able to complete it. I realize it's a bit (or a lot) too symmetrical, I had plans to mess it up a little, they just never happened.
Of course I have a fox statue, found it at a thrift store. *fist bump*
Pressed flowers from my cabin
vintage postcard in a vintage frame
I designed this bed when I was 11 and my dad built it for me. I'm little, so a twin is all I need still, plus, I love the history behind it.
I also loved having a space to put my clothing rack to good use. It is so fun having my favorite items on display.
I also really enjoyed my "hat wall".
This pillow is from Target, it was a Christmas gift from my sister. she gets me. It doesn't seem to be available online (at least not anymore), but check in stores!
I know it's nothing fancy, I didn't even remember to bring my camera over to take decent photos, but I love it just the same. My next room is sure to be almost identical. I'll be living out of a suitcase at my parents for the next month until my big move, so this room will definitely be missed.
I will be sure to keep you all updated!


Dani Nielsen said...

Gentri! This is absolutely amazing! I love how simple, clean, yet amazingly delicious chic! Stunning girl, Stunning!
Love Me, Dani Marie

Van Nguyen said...

It was a charming room. Best wishes for your journey.

Jessi said...

You need to add interior decorator to your list of skills! Seriously. Decorate my life? You have a serious knack for design putting things together. I love this!


Denise Curtis said...

What a cute room!! I love the simplicity. Such great little pieces in there. Even though there's not much, all of the pieces are super interesting! That bed is amazing. You DESIGNED it?!?! Wow. Super impressed! Congrats again on your big move. I hope you have a fabulous time in DC. :)

xo Denise

Amy Harris said...

are you kidding me?! i love this space! i love how you displayed your hats.. such a good idea. mine are just shoved in the top of my closet. also those frames above your bed :)

Emily Baker said...

i absolutely adore your room!!!! :) and what a cute story behind your bed. gotta love great daddys!

brooke field said...

love your space, especially the pillows. i think it's important to always make a house (or room) a home, no matter how long you plan to live there. good luck on your new adventure...how fun!

Dulce said...

i'm not sure what i loved the most, but certainly the bed is gorgeous

fantine said...

i really love the frame with flowers. so lovely yet so simple!

Alyx said...

What a great space, Gentri! I really love it! :)

Rachel Porter said...

it's all amaaaze! We must party before you go!

Rachel Porter said...

it's all amaaaze! We must party before you go!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love your decor. Come decorate my house when you get a chance. :D

Brittany Tennant said...

Ok a little more than obsessed with your decor style. True statement

xoxo Birdie

Melinda DiOrio said...

Your current/old room is super cute! I think I may need to get rid of my desk and substitute it with a rolling rack, since my closet is exploding right now. I can't wait to see your new digs in DC!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOVE your style!!!

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