When posing with a cupcake... what do you do? I went to this local bakery and purchased a cupcake, I thought it would be cute to pose with it for my outfit photos. As we started to take the photos I realized how silly us bloggers can sometimes be. But I powered through and went with the cupcake photos. You're welcome.
scarf/ turban- fashion place mall
cardigan- old/ no idea
shirt- lulus
pants- lulus
shoes- nordstrom
bracelets- color by amber
necklace- heart and soul

As I'm sure you can tell, this is an old post that I never got around to publishing. But I think I am pretty much caught up now... Which means I need to get out and take some new photos/ have some more adventures... My days of lazy blogging are over. That is- until I have the "too much to post about" problem again. Do you ever do that- get so behind on blogging you're posting months later?


Cat said...

gorgeous outfit! x

dani krum (love me, dani marie) said...

You seriously darling! Cupcakes are the greatest!! Love it girl!

Emily Baker said...

hahaha you're awesome. love the outfit :)

Carley Lee said...

hahaha I love that first line
"when posing with a cupcake... what do you do?"
It's so true! You pulled it off flawlessly!
I hope you're keeping well - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your adventures :)

Amanda said...

LOVE the outfit (especially the shoes!). And you are right, the cupcake is adorable :)

Mareen [eeny] said...

too cute. that last picture is like you are thinking: "get in my belly right now, you little cupcake you."

your shoes... omg, i love them.

Maria - Crafty Owl said...

These shoes are really cute =)

Maria x

Hallie Harris said...

I am suffering from writer's block lately. It's the worst. I wish I had even a simple pretty picture to post, but my blog holds day old posts for days lately, and it drives my anxiety up the wall.

New material is much much much needed!

Love your shoes, a lot!

Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole said...

cupcakes make the best props lol love your shoes!

Denise Curtis said...

You. Are. Adorable. And those shoes? I die.

Yes the photos are a tad awkward, but that just adds to the charm. Love it!

xo Denise

Autumn Duke said...

Haha you are so cute! I hope you were at least able to enjoy it after the shoot :) I love those shoes by the way! Adorable!

Katers said...

Goodness. I love everything about these photos.

Camille said...

Thanks for posting your link on the FB page! (I am the girl getting her wisdom teeth out) Love the outfit and that cupcake looks delish! Too bad I can't eat anything like that for a while. Also I just say you have very nice eyebrows and teeth... random compliment but those are two things I look at first on other people. ;)

Camille said...

love the outfit and the cupcake looks delish! too bad I cant eat anything like that for awhile! (I am the girl that is getting her wisdom teeth out!) Also something I noticed you have very nice eyebrows and teeth... probably not compliments you get often but those are the two things i notice first on someone. ;)

Lily Fang said...

Oh, this reminds me of a Lauren Conrad shoot for her collection at Kohl's. How exquisite! I hope you got to eat it eventually :) Anyways, love that head scarf and your floral top with that pretty necklace. Those red heels are the perfect touch!

Glad you're caught up now! I have the same problem sometimes--once I had to post like three months later since I was so busy.

By the way, enamored by those breathtaking shots in the last post.

Have a wonderful week, Gentri!

Kate H said...

Hey, it's always a good idea to pose with a cupcake, especially if it means you get to eat it after!

Kaylee said...

I'm so glad you went with cupcake photos! Cupcakes are the absolute best!! Your outfit is super cute! Love it!


danica + stephen said...

i was going to ask the same thing..how DO you pose with a cupcake!?
but you make it look very and natural. love this post

.....am i craving a cupcake now?

Ashley Z. said...

I love your shoes!! So cute :)

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