Easter Style

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Happy Easter, everyone. I have been so excited to wear this jacket on Easter, it is perfect for the Spring holiday. 
(no idea why i'm standing in a hole...)
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It reminds me of the outfits the girls wear in Meet Me In St. Louis. As long as I've watched that movie I've drooled over their outfits. I love having something that makes me feel a little similar.
I don't think we're doing anything too celebratory today, attending church and family dinner is about it (and that happens every Sunday). But I love Easter Sunday and why we celebrate it. Definitely a favorite holiday of mine.

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday today?

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Don't forget, if you're in Utah, stop by the Grand Opening of Albion Fit!


Southern Utah Snipets

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I've been in Southern Utah for the last week and it has been so fun. Warm weather, lots of friend catch ups, some missed food, and warm weather. Oh, did I mention the weather was Sooooooo warm?


LOTM- Recipe

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Today, us LOTM are sharing some of our favorite recipes. Recipes that will help give you energy before, during, or after that mountain activity.

This is one of my favorite recipes- and it's SO easy! I've been doing this for years and just recently added Peanut Butter. It is seriously like ice cream. The peanut butter not only adds protein but makes it INCREDIBLY creamy.
Give it a try and check out the other recipes!
and our guest blogger-


New Navy

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Blogger's Night at Old Navy in SLC. They invited a few of us bloggers in to choose an outfit, style some mannequins, then help any customers that wanted it.
 photo IMG_1747_zps8c29ad27.jpg
Can you guess which mannequin is mine??
 photo IMG_1745_zpsa847cf35.jpg
The shift dress, of course!
 photo IMG_1735_zps71c98896.jpg
I really kind of wanted to take home this outfit as well. I loved the necklaces (which actually sold, thanks to my mannequin!) and the shoes (not that i could wear the shoes. :P
 photo IMG_1736_zps079bb6d6.jpg
The other bloggers involved were Amy, Jessie, and Sasha. (yes, I'm tiny) I love each of these ladies!
 photo IMG_1740-1_zpseb2f2250.jpg
We had so much fun hanging out together!
 photo IMG_1739_zpsce0a2a00.jpg
Old Navy had set up a refreshment table and handed out tote bags to customers.
 photo IMG_1743_zps2f3c8319.jpg
One of my favorite parts was meeting one of my favorite bloggers- Megan from The Beauty Snoop! (you may remember her spring hair trends post HERE)
 photo IMG_1803_zpsc84b2218.jpg
Old Navy has really stepped up their game! We were all so impressed with everything (especially the fact that no "Old Navy" logos were in sight! Well, at least on the clothing. I will definitely be shopping at Old Navy more, the pants I chose are seriously my favorite pants, currently! Incredibly comfortable and cute!

I'll be posting photos of my outfit, next week.


Day in the Desert

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Summer is coming. I promise! I have been in the South for a few days, and it is practically here. Don't worry northerners, it will come!
 photo IMG_1927_zps796eb2f5.jpg
THIS dress from Head Over Heels is a perfect dress for Summer. The bright pink bottom with the cream lace top have "fun in the sun" written all over them.
 photo IMG_1928_zps7a5c908b.jpg
To make the dress a bit more modest I added a chambray shirt (honestly, what DON'T I add a chambray shirt to? someone stop me), then- add the hat and it made for a perfect "day in the desert" outfit.
 photo IMG_1945_zps3f80dcb7.jpg
 photo IMG_1931_zps29155a22.jpg I promise I'm not pregnant, this picture just looks like it because I was arching my back apparently...  photo IMG_1959_zpsd96ce56c.jpg
Be sure to check out Head Over Heels new website or if you're in Utah, check them out in person!


Looking for something to do next Monday April 1st- morning? Check out this fun event!

Albion Fit's Grand Opening at City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City will be Monday April 1st from 11am to 2pm. The store will carry both Albion fitness wear and swimwear. Attendees will enjoy a free Albion Fit headband while supplies last, access to Albion's newest collections not yet unveiled on the website, $20 Off any one-piece swimsuit or top/bottom swimsuit combo or $20 off any fitness top/bottom combo, a special Albion Fit swim fashion show, and entry into fantastic raffles with any purchase!

- To redeem the $20 Off promotion, readers must give the name of my blog (Gentri Lee) as the code at checkout. 

- The store is located on the upper level of City Creek Center, on the northeast end right next to the Allen Edmonds store. It is kitty corner from Kneaders. 

I hope to see you all there!!



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When Blowfish contacted me about styling a pair of their shoes, I was excited... except for the fact that they don't make my tiny size 4. I told them this and they said "well, let's just let your sister pick out a pair and she can style them.". As you can imagine, my sister was pretty excited.
 photo IMG_1629_zpsc99dc492.jpg
She chose the Tacita wedges from the Spring collection and has worn them multiple times already. They're bright and funky, yet comfortable and can go with more than you would think! They're shoes, so they're an accessory, and I say- have fun with your accessories!
 photo IMG_1619_zps64353d47.jpg
 photo IMG_1630_zpsc96aa136.jpg  photo IMG_1625_zps1a80d890.jpg
Lucky you, Blowfish is giving away a pair of shoes to one of my readers! Enter below!!

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Short or Long

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Ok, so I've been wanting to cut my hair again, but there are a few people that prefer my hair long. Not that it matters or anything. But I have my "long" days too. The problem with long hair is I NEVER do it. It is most likely (like as in this very moment) in a bun on top of my head. I do have other hairdos that I like to do (dutch braids, faux shave braid, etc), but I'm usually too lazy. When my hair is short I ALWAYS do it. If I don't have it down, it's in a cute little "princess" thing.

So I figured- why not ask the most stylish people I know? Should I keep growing my hair out (the photos above show the length it is now, I can't go much longer because my hair is too thin) or cut it again into the shag bob?? Vote below and share your feelings in the comments... You know, if you have as much feelings about my hair as I do...

While we're at it, blunt or side swept bang?
(this post is strictly to help an indecisive girl make a decision, that is all. Oh, and I'm not someone that regrets cutting my hair, I have had it short many times.)



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I was able to have dinner with the lovely Jet from Fashion Utah. This girl is amazing, I want to be like her when I grow up. If you live in Utah and are looking for a way to be informed about Utah fashion events, style tips, local boutiques, and more- check out Fashion Utah!

On another note-
I was able to get my hands on a new lens for my camera (been working with the kit lens since I got my camera in July) and wow... Just WOW! The difference is amazing. Don't have a lens for your camera? Get one.
 photo IMG_1841-1_zps7d0ab7b3.jpg
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Traveling South

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This is where i will be for the next few days... Back to the south. I was so excited to leave that place, I missed my mountains in the north. But now, 6 months since I moved home, I find myself craving that desert. While I didn't make a lot of friends in my time there, the ones I did make are so dear to me. I can't wait to see them! Oh, and my favorite smoothie is there, super excited for that!


Pretty Preview

Tonight is the Old Navy event! I hope to see all of you that live in the area! The other bloggers and myself have already done our shopping and let me tell you, they have some seriously cute stuff! I was especially surprised at their jewelry. So everyone come, it'll be a blast!

and the winner of the Beauty Snoop Giveaway isss...
Congrats Leslie! Check your email!


True Beauty

I spent the other day hanging out with one of my best friends, her mom, and her younger sister. Her sister is celebrating her birthday, so her mom wanted to give her something special. This beautiful girl you see just needed a pick me up. Something to make her see her true beauty (because, hello! She is gorgeous inside and out). So I went over, did her makeup, picked out her outfit (why yes, that is the SAME shirt you have seen everyday on my blog... get your own here), and snapped some photos.
We had a blast. I love this family so much, and this girl is so incredibly sweet.
You may remember seeing her sister on this here blog, a few times. It's only right that she take a turn.
What's a birthday without cake...pops?! I love that we added that fun little bouquet to the shoot.
Adorable, right?!

Then just for fun, her sister and mom jumped in. Such a happy family, I love it.

Remember to contact me for all your makeup and styling needs!

On another note...
I messed up yesterdays "flyer". So pay attention to this one!!


Faux Shave Braid

If you caught my Daily Dish segment the other day, you may have noticed a little bit of "hair" talk. Well, if you liked the hairdo as much as the hosts did, here is a step by step- how to!That's it! Easy peesy! Here's the segment so you can see the whole hairdo in video form...
BTW- all the outfits in the video above are from Lulus.com!
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