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Today, us LOTM are sharing some beauty tips. Tricks to help make sure you still feel like a lady when you're out adventuring, or even sharing some of our favorite natural products. Here are my tips for staying fresh in the wild:

1. Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed
Ok, so I am not the best example when it comes to this. I am so lazy when it comes to my eyebrows, which is a major no no. But, well groomed eyebrows can take you from haggard to feminine, with or without makeup. So before any big adventure, make sure to groom those brows.

2. Exfoliate
Keeping up a good exfoliation regimen will help keep your skin clear of blemishes. I know I feel much more like a lady when my skin is clear. 2 times per week should be plenty (even too much for some people), you can even whip up your own exfoliant by mixing 1tbsp baking soda and 1tsp water.

3. Moisturize
I don't really get a lot of sleep when I'm camping and campfires can dry out my skin. If you're like me, make sure you help your skin stay rested by moisturizing. It will refresh your skin and keep it baby soft.

For some natural and homemade beauty products, check out these posts: Pumpkin Masque; Rose Toner
If you like all natural products as much as we do, then you'll love Perfectly Posh! Last night I tried out the Now & Zen Take-Out Spa Masque and mmmmmmmm. My skin feels so hydrated and awake. I love it! That was a much needed little pampering session. I've also tried a few of the Posh lotions, soaps, and cleansers, I have yet to dislike one! Tiffany from Ginger Peach T is a blogger and distributor, so be sure to contact her for all your Posh needs!

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Disney's Hollywood Studios

First thing in the morning we grabbed fast passes for one of my very favorite rides- Tower of Terror. Of course, when we grabbed our fast passes the line was ridiculously long, when we actually used them, the line was hardly longer than the fast pass line. Always how it works, right?
It was just the girls and I and they loved it! Look at that "Lydia face". Cracks me up still.
We met a few characters throughout the day and watched every show in the park!
Of course we had to meet Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My nephews favorite.
Later in the day I met up with one of my very best Disney friends- Sarah. We had our classic friendship ice cream cookie sandwich and talked about past times and new times.
Just about the best thing in the world. Our friendship formed over one of these. Haha!
After Fantasmic, my nephew, Henry, decided he wanted to perform too. So we cracked up while watching his moves for the next 5 minutes...

Our next day was spent resting in the best way possible...

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And the winner's of the "Bloggers Anonymous" WhoopTshirts aaaarrreee....

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Magic Kingdom- Evening Post

Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney park. It's so classic and well... Magical! I'm happy to say when I worked here, this is where I spent most of my time... On that castle stage especially.
I love the detail Disney puts into everything! It's what makes it so amazing.
We headed straight to Pirates of the Caribean then over to Big Thunder Mountain (Splash Mountain was closed. So sad about that, it's my favorite ride!). After dinner we went on The Haunted Mansion (which my nephew didn't make it on, he was out before it even started) and Small World (which my nephew LOVED. It was his favorite ride which he called "The Funny Ride").
Before we left, we watched the fireworks. The kids loved seeing Tinkerbell fly across the park and were in awe at all the fireworks.
Disney at night might be my favorite. The weather has cooled, the parks have emptied a little, and we feel a little refreshed (before we crash).
Day two was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios...

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Animal Kingdom

Our first day in the Disney parks was spent at Animal Kingdom. We started the day with the Lion King Show (well, they started with the safari, but I was running late from meeting a friend that morning). Is there a better way?! The kids even got to march around with the performers playing instruments.
Look at my nephew. So cute, checking his map.
My favorite part of the show is always the birds.
The kids were a bit scared of the Scar section. "Is that real fire?!" they asked with shock and horror.
And their favorite was the monkeys.
Photobucket Photobucket
After the show the kids met Donald. That duck and I go together like two birds of a feather. (check what I mean HERE)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Then we headed over to watch the "A Bug's Life" show. The kids hated it, which is so sad, I love that show! But it was pretty intense for them... as were a lot of things...
Before we ate lunch we grabbed fast passes (for me and the girls) to Everest. After we were through eating, we pretty much walked onto the ride! I had been trying really hard to talk all the rides up to the kids so they'd be excited. We get in our seats and  Gracie, my older niece, with tears in her eyes, says she wants to get off. Before Lydia, my younger niece has time to think I let Gracie off and away we went...
That girl was a trooper! I can still see her face as we came down the first hill. The force pulling her cheeks backwards, mouth and eyes wide open, I couldn't help but laugh. It was adorable. Plus, she loved the ride! She came skipping off telling her sister how much she missed.
After that it was time for an ice cream break. Ice cream is a daily thing when visiting Disney World.
We watched the Nemo show then it was finally time to ride Dinosaur. I had really talked up this ride. Telling the kids they had to be brave and protect me, because I'm scared of Dinosaurs. They were excited, until we were about to get in our seats. Then their fear kicked in. I, being the pushy aunt I am, made them ride it. They all had their heads down and ears plugged. My poor nephew was wrapped around my arm with all his strength.

After the ride, my nephew almost cried, poor thing. But the girls decided they would live, and wanted to do it again. So we got back in line and I told them "This time you aren't aloud to close your eyes or plug your ears. You have to hold onto the bar and be brave. I'm so glad I made them do that, this ended up being one of, if not THE favorite ride! Just look at their faces!
Lydia (my younger niece, the one with that awesome facial expression) looked like that in every ride picture we had. I cracked up every time.

We had a great start to our day. After Animal Kingdom, we drove over to pick up their dad from his classes and headed to Magic Kingdom for the evening...


Little Gems

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Once again, I never heard from the winner of the Sprightly So Giveaway. (check your emails people!) So the new winner iisss...
Marsa from her blog
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I wish I could be at Hogwarts because that's where my second home is! -Rachel
 I wish I could be cuddled up in a cabin with my husband, taking a break from the world. -Andrea
 I wish I could be in Rome so I could do as the Romans do! -Lauren
 Id love to be in Costa Rica right now!! I'll be sipping on some Mocktails while my husband surfs! -Tiffany
I would totally be in a small middle-of-nowhere town with my husband...those are my favorite! -Autumn
 I left my heart in Venice a few years ago.. It's GORGEOUS there... I especially would love to visit with my husband this time around. -Janette
 This glass domed escape designed by Mickey Muennig in the 70's fits the bill perfectly. -Shell
If i could go anywhere right now i would go india for the festival of color, i would give anything to stand from the sidelines photographing it all. -Carlee
I'd be back on my honey moon in sunny beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that's my vacation daydream right now. -Shannon


Warmer Weather

While it's snowing outside... again... and my feet are frozen... and i'll probably go run in it and freeze my butt off... my mind is somewhere much warmer...

It's HERE, hiking in the flowers

Or HERE, soaking in every bit of sunshine

Or even HERE, where it wasn't hot, but the sun was shining and warm on my skin.

What are you thinking about? Check back tomorrow to see where my sponsors mind's are wandering.


Little Lady and Little Me

The two days before I went off to Atlanta/ Orlando was spent with one of my favorite bloggers- Amanda - and her husband.
I wanted to show them "Utah" how it's meant to be seen. Ok, so we didn't really have time for that. But there was definitely time for sledding!
I packed up peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, and apples, and we headed up to the mountains.
We had a great time! There weren't a lot of people there and the snow was falling so perfectly.
Their first day with me was spent in Downtown SLC. I took them to Temple Square and we drove around the city a bit. Then we stopped at Cafe Rio on our way home, a Utah MUST!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I really hope they had as much fun as I did. They were a blast to be with and even interviewed me for their documentary! I felt so cool.
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