Yellowstone and Beyond

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On day 2 of my trip to Idaho- Brandi and I headed to Yellowstone National Park. This place had been at the top of my "must see" list for quite sometime, so I was excited to check it off. I had been once before, but that was years ago, and I don't remember much.
Like any good tourist, we started the trip off with a bunch of sign photos. It was particularly exciting since we were in 3 states within a matter of minutes. 
After gathering our maps and information it was time to enter the park!
Not too far into our drive we had our first animal spotting. Of course, being bloggers, we took advantage of every photo opportunity possible. So it's no surprise that we stopped to snap some pictures.
This was so picturesque, as was everything in the park. Even though they were on the other bank, you could still here them crunching the grass they were eating.
One of my favorite things to see were the old fallen trees. They still had their roots attached and the wood was aged and white. Oh the things these trees must have seen in their lifetimes.
 Soon we came to the hot pots and were able to get out, walk around, and explore.
It was a cold and windy day, so the steam from the hot pots was overpowering. After each stop, we would emerge- soaked.
There were times when we could barely see a few feet in front of us.
 But then the wind would change and this is what we'd see...
 Plus, it made for amazing pictures!
Come back tomorrow for day two- Pt. 2. To see outfit details from this post, click HERE.


Cat said...

oh my, this looks amazing! I've always wanted to go here! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs x

MontgomeryFest said...

Gorg! Love that shot of the wood/roots..

Lisa Pappalardo said...

OH my goodness. So beautiful!
Lisa | c/oMKE

dominicankc28 said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures!! I wish I had enough extra credits to take a photography class or something.You're so talented! (:

Jessi said...

Holy smokes Gentri these photos are incredible!!! You have some serious talent. And you're pretty dang cute too ;)

The Students Wife said...

I havne't been to YellowStone in a few years.. all your photos make me want to go back!


Mar @ t.o. and fro said...

Yellowstone is on my list as well. it's been years since I first visited and would love to go back. Beautiful photos!

Kat Frazier said...

Aaahh coolest pictures Gentri! Bring us back something ;)
Kat | www.poshbykat.com

Lauren Crews said...

So gorgeous! I can't get over the pictures, definitely a place to put on my bucket list! Also, I LOVE your scarf!

aka Bailey said...

Awesome, awesome pictures! I can't wait to make it to Yellowstone someday myself!

aka Bailey

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