Tea Time

A couple weeks ago- my family and I spent the evening in Salt Lake City. My dad and oldest nephew went to ride the train and do their thing, while us girls went for tea at the The Grand America. I had been to a tea party here, hosted by The Fashion Fuse, about a month earlier. I knew it was something my family would love, so the next day we reserved our tea date.
This place is extravagant, every detail is cared for, even the guests exude refinery- the women at the table next to us wore their fur coats and spoke dutch. 
 My nieces loved the experience, sitting like ladies, and trying their best to be proper.
 We had my littlest nephew with us (as he is still young), and he was the perfect gentleman.
The tea includes tiers of finger sandwiches and scones to start, followed by tiers of desserts, and of course- tea or hot chocolate to drink.
 Everything is delicious and obviously handmade with the greatest care.
 We loved every minute of it and the experience was over all too soon.
 Afterwards, we met up with the boys to explore the city's Christmas lights and candy window displays.
However, the temperature was in the single digits and we only lasted about 30 minutes out on the town. (especially with little kids in tow)
 But it was a wonderful night, one that we will all remember with fondness.


Hima Rajana said...

This looks like so much fun Gentri! I love that the kids enjoyed it too!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Tereza said...

Looks like a great time! those Xmas lights are amazing!
Happy Holidays,

Cat said...

this looks lovely, i love afternoon tea x

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