Leopard and Floral

Who knew Christmas shopping for kids would be so tough? It took me forever to decide what I wanted to get my nieces, when I finally realized- their aunt, the stylist, should get them something new and stylish for their wardrobes... duh.
So I bought them each the most adorable sweaters, I can't get enough of how cute they looked! Yesterday morning, after the presents were all unwrapped and it was time to get ready for the day, I took over and used my nieces as my own life-sized dolls. After I had finished styling them and their hair, we grabbed 3 of my favorite presents they received and stepped outside to have a little photoshoot. Honestly, these girls could model for Gap!
The suitcase is a tea set from Anthropologie (looks like it's sold out, here's a similar one) and I sort of want one for myself; I also plan on borrowing that ukulele and attempting to teach myself how to play it.
They also received the most adorable puppy for Christmas, we've all fallen in love with him. His name is Cubby, and he's a pomeranian/ mini Australian Shephard mix.
Leopard Outfit:
sweater- target
leggings- (similar) target
necklace- made by her sister
earrings- target

Floral Outfit:
sweater- (similar) target
shoes- target
earrings- target

I love having my nieces around and that they let me dress them up. My sister's/ their mom's comment was "oh no, you're turning my daughters into mini fashion bloggers."; my response "you betcha!".


Rachel Bethke said...

omg they look like models 100%!!! wow wow wow. I would love to get my hands on some stylish kids for photoshoots sounds like a fun xmas! xoRach

Erin Engle said...

They are adorable. Good choice on the sweaters, so cute! And holy cow is that puppy the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

a clover & a bee

brooke field said...

aww...they are so cute! merry christmas!

Jessi said...

They are SO dang cute Gentri!! And I LOVE how you styled them :) How fun! Plus, that puppy is seriously the cutest thing!!

Brandi said...

Good job on the sweaters. they're adorable. These photos are perfection gentri. LOVE LOVE

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