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As an esthetician myself, I have worked with many different types of eyelash extensions and specialists. But for the past six months I have been getting my lashes done by Nicole at Layers 'N Lashes. She does an excellent job, makes her clients feel as comfortable as possible, and uses high quality products while also continuing her education when she can. I hosted a giveaway for her this past Summer and Haylee was the winner. I heard back that Haylee LOVED her lashes and didn't know how she had gone so long without them.

Currently Nicole is offering an amazing deal; normally a full set of lash extensions from her is $120, but during December you can get a full set for $75 and fills for $40! Book now by calling 801-501-9003

Not only is this a great deal for you but it could also make a fabulous Christmas or Holiday gift for someone else.

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P.S. I have SO many things to post about but things have just been crazy. You can read about that HERE.


Sandy a la Mode said...

gah! i love getting fake eyelashes!! i wish i could have them done all the tiem!!

Sandy a la Mode

Katherine Nay said...

I have bene thinking about lash extentions. They can look so pretty! Maybe I'll look into this.

MacKensie said...

Gorgeous!! I can't even handle these lashes!

Jenna said...

Girrrrl! You look fierce! Sassy McSassy. Love!

Misty Skebo said...

They look really pretty. How long do they last?

Misty Skebo said...

They look so pretty. How long do they last?

Misty Skebo said...

They look gorgeous. How long do they last? I've never looked into extensions. I just started wearing false lashes a year ago.

Jenna Secrist said...

I've never even thought of lash extensions...until now! I want them!! You look great, girl!

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