Idaho- Days 1 & 3

Last month I was able to take a trip up to Idaho to visit my friend, Brandi. We met through blogging, but she's one of those bloggers whom I was destined to be friends with. She was so gracious to let me come and stay with her, it was a MUCH needed weekend away.
We started my trip off right with a visit to the local thrift store, where we both found amazing vintage cameras.
We then headed to dinner at a local spot in the middle of town. The food and atmosphere were both delicious, but the name escapes me now. Then it was off to the old Centre Theatre for a chick flick... because I refused to see the scary movie that was playing. I'm a whimp, what can I say?
On my last day, we headed back into town to snap these photos, as it was dark by the time I arrived on my first day. Based on the photo locations alone- I could maaaaaaybe consider living in Idaho. But truly, the alley ways and street art were fabulous.
Come back tomorrow to read about my trip to Yellowstone with Brandi! It might have to be a two-part post. To see the outfit details from this post, click HERE.


Cat said...

sounds like a lovely trip, love the photos! I love old cameras x

Brianna Clark said...

Looks like a fun trip! Your pictures are beautiful!

Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole said...

I have to put together a photoshoot for my business and these pictures just gave me so much inspiration!

Hallie Oceanside said...

gorgeous as always! I hope you are having a great time!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

I'm so sad! You were literally BLOCKS from my house!! :( Looks like fun! I would see Brandi a lot when I lived in Rexburg, but have never officially met her yet! :) Hope you had fun in Idaho!!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

Oh my! hA! That's not the Brandi from Cats and Cardigans! Too funny, ignore my last post about her haHA!

sherri said...

You're so cute! Lovin your ensemble!

xo sherri


Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE that scarf!!

Sandy a la Mode

Kat Frazier said...

Umm how cool is this trip so far!!! Have so much fun and be safe!

Kat | www.poshbykat.com

Katie said...

you are so cute! im glad you had a fun time with your friend :)

aka Bailey said...

Very cool pictures - I really like the one of the camera and the hat sitting side by side. How cool that you got to go visit your blogging buddy!

aka Bailey

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