Dream Away

I am a dreamer. There, I said it; and I have been one for as long as I can remember. I've built my life around accomplishing my dreams and I don't intend to stop. Why not dream? What is to stop you? Fear?
Well, fear will hold you back all your life if you feed it.
So make a choice, what sources will you feed? Those that instill fear or faith?
I know it can be scary to go for your dreams, you become vulnerable. But what good ever came from hiding within yourself? There is honestly no benefit from that, none.
hat- brandi's
sweater- h&m
leggings- agnes and dora
shoes- nordstrom
bracelets- color by amber
photos- brandi

So dream away, take a chance, dream your dreams and be you. Because YOU are worth something. YOU are amazing. YOU cannot be brought down unless YOU allow it. And I believe in you.


Night Chayde said...

I love your outfits cutie. Just so comfortable and so cute! Love that scarf!

Would you be interested in doing a guest post one of these days on my blog?


AVY said...

You may say you're a dreamer but you're not the only one.



Leah Clark said...

I love that hat and that scarf! So cute!
Leah faye
a clover & a bee

Deidre Miller said...

I am obsessed with this outfit. And these photos.

Hallie Oceanside said...

I LOVE this post, totally agree wtih everything you said!

Oh, and whenever you want to sell some of your wardrobe, can you please let me know ahead of time, because I'll probably purchase all of it, love this outfit!

Whit said...

You kind of look like you just escaped a particularly stylish part of little mexico. I love it.
New follower - { Raspy Wit }

MacKensie said...

ooooh my gosh. The perfect post: That scarf, those booties, that hat AND the inspirational words! Love, love, love.

Jessi said...

I believe in you!! You gorgeous, talented, amazing girl! :) thanks for your always inspiring posts. I needed this today.

Jasmine Matthews said...

you gorgeous!! love the outfit and message :)
I would for you to follow me back!


Minh Nguyen said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

PS: May I invite you to my giveaway?

Win a SUITSUIT luggage set (value €407) on my blog:


ivette said...

Loving what you wrote here... yes,,, dream, dream, dream...always.pursue those dreams...fear is the only thing that can hold you back, its not worth it..i say you try even if.u fail..,but at least you know you actually attempted in making that dream come.true...,anyway, cute look, that scarf is awesome!

Emma Jane said...

The simplicity of this post paired with the sincerity of the words is just magically gorgeous.

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