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I love vintage. I LOVE vintage! So when I heard about Brag Vintage- an online vintage shop based in the UK, I was super excited! I knew I had to grab something quickly. That's the thing with vintage and thrifting; you're only going to get the chance at that item- one time. So grab it while you can! (can I say "vintage" a few more times? vintage vintage vintage)
I chose to grab this fabulous grandpa sweater, and I pretty much haven't taken it off since it arrived. I've been sick for over a week now and it has been the perfect companion.
It's quite large on me, but that's sort of my favorite part. What girl doesn't love an oversized sweater? Well, definitely not this girl!
sweater- brag vintage
shirt- nordstrom
leggings- agnes and dora
shoes- nordstrom (on sale!!)
watch- nordstrom
bracelets- color by amber
necklace- old navy
lipstick- mac's ruby woo

How do you feel about wearing things that are vintage or thrifted? I've been on that bandwagon for a long time (much before "poppin' tags" was the thing to do... do I sound like a hipster?). How do you feel about oversized sweaters?
Be sure to check out Brag Vintage for other fabulous grandpa sweaters and more!

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Rachel Porter said...

omg i have a vintagey outfit in my drafts post! thrifting is so fun but it sucks in provo lol

Jessi said...

I LOVE vintage too :) And I'm obsessed with this sweater of yours! I need to check out their shop. Plus, I love your hair like this and your red lips - gorgeous!


Jessica Wray | PEONY said...

I love finding new sites like this! Thanks for sharing, pretty girl!

Janette said...

I love horrible in grandpa sweaters cause I'm top heavy.. Like.. they just look awful...But I LOOOOVE them cause they're cozy! You look the cutest as usual! OH! Are you still sick? Hope not!


Janette Lane Blog

Amanda said...

You are the cutest! I love, love, love that sweater!

Ashley Eliza said...

obsessed with your sweaeter. your eyelashes.and your hair! so dang cute girl.


Lisa Pappalardo said...

Great find! Looks so comfy!

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons soon to be c/o MKE

Breanna Hohenstein said...

You are so adorable :) Cute vintage outfit!

Jody Beth said...

I LOVE this sweater on you!! Seriously you pull it off so well. I also love vintage pieces. I have a few old things from my grandma and they're my fave. Love it girl.


Alice Barton said...

grandpa cardigans are my absolute fave! this one looks extra cosy! :) xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Deidre Miller said...

Is this the outfit your dad snapped photos for!? Haha. I love it! You look great girl.

Thanks for joining the link up!
Deidre \\ Love, The Skinnys

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