Blooper Reel

A few weeks ago, my good friend Jessi shared a "bloopers" post. She was having an off day and decided to laugh at herself rather than wallow in self-pity. Granted, her bloopers are much better than mine, but I have decided to follow her lead. Things have been less than ideal in my personal life, but truly, I can't complain; let's laugh at my ridiculousness instead, shall we? Some of these are fairly old, some are recent. I need to be better about saving my bloopers, they're always good for a laugh.

Above you'll find my impression of a cat cleaning itself... In reality I think I was just going to toss my hair behind my shoulders, but who really knows? The photo below was taken in Yellowstone. I was being engulfed in mist and wind, the photo-opp didn't go as planned. Sometimes that's best.
This photo was taken last Thanksgiving. WHY I decided to stand on a bench, I'm not sure. It could have taken a very bad turn, as you can see here- I almost took a face-first dive for the ground...
The day I took these outfit photos was BITTER cold. It was almost unbearable. And as you can see, tears were running down my cheeks. That's dedication, right there. Plus this outfit is just a complete FAIL, so there's also that.
This is what happens when your adorable and oh-so eager 7 year old niece offers to take your outfit photos. This was the best one, I love her.
 The lovely "Gust of Wind" look. Pretty sure I'm rocking it.
Now, this was not a fashion statement, this was to keep the falling snow off of my head... then it was photographed.
And last but certainly not least- probably my favorite blooper I've ever had- the "drunk and large" look. The wind is not my friend, folks.
There you have it. The good, the bad, and the ugly- or maybe just the bad and the ugly. 


Danielle Villano said...

Aww, this is such a fun post! It's nice to know that some bloggers aren't afraid of showing off a less-than-perfect image. You still look lovely in all of these. And you're having fun :)

Have a great weekend!


Rachel Porter said...

hahahah your worst photo's are like my best ones!!!

And i can't believe you cried because it was so cold!! THat makes me so sad because it's BITTER FREEZING RIGHT NOW and i am SO behind on my outfits cuz of it...!

Paint Those Piggies! said...

Haha, the "drunk and large" is my favorite :)

Carley Lee said...

These are awesome, Gentri! Thanks for giving us a little look into the reality of taking outfit photos - they don't alllll turn out the way we expect! And I love that you look like you're having a blast in all of them!
Have a beautiful weekend, girl :)

Ariel Hamilton said...

Oh my gosh Gentri you are adorable haha! My favorite is the wind shot with your ponytail straight up. I saw Jessi's same post and got inspired to do the same thing! Hopefully I'll eventually get around to sharing with the world my awful bloopers haha xx

Nic said...

I love these photos! I probably have tons that I could post. I love your scarf in that second, Yellowstone (I believe?) photo.


Melinda DiOrio said...

Haha! I actually think a lot of these are really cute! Fun post. :)

Kristin Rose Davis said...

love these!

Kristin Rose Davis said...

love these!

Leah Clark said...

Gentri these are hysterical! Bad photos happen all the time it is crazy! Somehow erin never looks bad though. It s crazy
Leah Faye
a clover and a bee

Mackenzie said...

These pictures are so cute!! It's nice seeing bloggers that I look up to acting like regular people like me :)


Sierra said...

That last one is perfect!

Chrissy said...

These are so much fun - love them all and love the idea! Very cute pics, Gentri, not bad or ugly at all! xxx

Jessi said...

You're the cutest ever Gentri!! I LOVE these :) I'm glad you decided to post them (and if by "mine are much better than yours" you mean mine are worse and more laugh-inducing you're right hahaha) I love the 'cat cleaning itself' and I can't believe it was so cold your eyes were tearing up! That totally IS dedication haha I hate taking outfit pics in the Winter!! You totally are rocking the gust of wind look, I think you look cute!


MacKensie said...

hahaha I LOVE this. I was just thinking the other day how my bloopers need to make an appearance one day. I might just have to recreate this in the future if that's alright. :)

Jane said...

hahaha! You are SO cute!

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