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While in Vegas (yes, Vegas... I know, that was months ago and I'm still trying to get through it's posts. But never fear- I believe this is the last one) we met some incredible designers and shop owners. Two of my favorites were Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo and Coterie.

Leather Couture is a beautiful online shop (also sold in some Vegas shops, like Coterie) where everything is handmade from leather (and vegan leather). She's got everything from jewelry, to collars, to clutches. I could have bought her entire collection, easily. Coterie is a lovely little boutique that just opened this Summer. Not only is it a boutique, but they offer free wifi to invite people to come in and hang out. Just add that to the list of why I would now consider moving to Downtown Las Vegas.
Heading to Las Vegas soon? Be sure to check out these shops as well as my other must sees: Fremont Street, Gold & Silver Pawn, Eat/ Emergency Arts/ The Ogden, Park on Fremont

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