Pumpkin Patch

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At the top of the to-do list every Fall would be "visit a pumpkin patch". There's something exciting about wandering through the patch to find that perfect pumpkin- the one that will soon become your art project. This year we didn't go to just any pumpkin patch, we went to Rowley's Red Barn; this place is amazing. In the red barn they serve apple cider donuts and ice cream, they also sell fresh apples, cheeses, cider, popcorn, and so much more.
Apple Cider Donuts= Truly Scrumptious
To visit their pumpkin patch you hop in a trailer filled with bails of hay and pulled by a tractor. It takes you on a lovely ride through the orchards and to the pumpkin patch. When you arrive you'll find a giant slide, a life size crate maze, and other fun activities.
My nieces and nephew are so talented in the photo taking department, it makes this aunt so proud!
Running through the maze.
I told him I was going to take a picture of him with the truck- and he whipped out this studly pose.
This magical place is located in Santaquin, Utah. Surrounded by the beautiful rocky mountains it truly is picturesque.
This poor baby didn't enjoy it as much as the other kids.
But he has a rock-star for a mom, so he was well taken care of.
This was such a fun adventure, I highly recommend a visit if you live in Utah!

P.S. the winner of the 2 Tickets to "Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera" giveaway is Amber Wright! Congrats, lady! I'll email you asap!


Mikaela D said...

These pictures are so beautiful!

Jessi said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I may have to visit this place, I've been itching to go to a good pumpkin patch!

Leah Clark said...

Beautiful photos as always Gentri! My middle school students are about to do a recreation of american gothic-I'm so excited!
Leah Faye
a clover and a bee

Jess said...

your hair your hair your hair!! love it so much. makes me miss my ombre! all these pics are too cute. i'm in utah too so i'll have to check out this place. xoxo

Emma said...

gah! i need to capitalize on the fall colors/festivies while they're still around! Love your outfit, and LOVE how much fun this looked :)

Also it was so great meeting you tonight, wish i coulda chatted with you more!


sweet harvest moon said...

So cute! I wish we had pumpkin patches in Europe :(

Kristian said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

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