Apple Orchard

Fall truly is the best time of year. It's the time of year that makes you feel like anything can happen. The air is crisp, the smell nostalgic, and the adventures magical. It also happens to be the best season in fashion- hands down.
Lauren and I had a great time dressing up and heading to an apple orchard. Ok, so this one happens to be abandoned and was filled with rotten fruit- the overly-sweet smell was strong, but the location was perfect. So we held our breath and snapped the photos.
I am loving this outfit this season, I've worn it multiple times. It incorporates a few of my favorite pieces, so how could I not love it?
hat- lulus
dress- lulus
jacket- gap
tights- lands end c/o coupons.com
shoes- nordstrom
bracelets- color by amber
ring and gold bracelet- fifth & mae

What are some of your favorite pieces this season?


Brandi said...

Love that jacket!

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

These photos are gorgeous, you look amazing! I love the dress and the hat. Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year style-wise too xo

Dearest Lou said...


You are too dang cute! Love this outfit girl (;

Dearest Lou

Rachel Porter said...

hahaha, i'm sorry you had to hold your breath! But at least the pics (and you!) look gorgeous! I LOVE that dress on you!

Kimberly Bonham said...

You are so cute! I love that hat on you!

e m m a ▼ d e e r said...

I could not agree more about your statement about fall fashion. So many great combinations and colors make their way out of the woodwork in fall. LOVE that hat, the color is perfection!
e m m a ▼ d e e r

Tiffany Ima said...

I LOVE that dress! The print is perfection :)

Not to mention how freakin adorable that hat is!

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Katers said...

You look great. Seriously. Glowing.

Carley Lee said...

You are so stunning, Gentri! These photos are another reminder of how much I adore this season!
That jacket is perfect with that dress - I actually was hoping to snatch up the same one from Gap when it went on sale, but my size was all gone :( Ah well, I'll just live vicariously through you whenever you style it ;)

Whitney & Devin said...

You are so cute! I am loving a great pair of boots, a chambray top and colorful scarves!

Jessi said...

Where is this apple orchard?! I've been wanting to find one to go to! And an abandoned one makes it easier to take photos hahaha. You look SO freaking cute like always! I LOVE the hat and the pretty matching floral dress. And that jacket is seriously perfect, I'll never get sick of it! Gorgeous photos!

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