Good Things

I spent last night at my cabin with the family; we roasted hot dogs and smore's, I enjoyed the quiet, a few of us rode the zipline, and then it was time to head home. Life has been incredibly busy lately and it was the perfect (short) getaway and rest before the crazy week ahead. You may not even hear from me for the rest of this week. (which is not good because I have a ton of posts that I need to put together) I can't wait to share all of the projects I've got going on! Good things, my friends!


K&R said...

sounds perfect to me :)
wishing i had a cabin up in tahoe just for the weekend.
and excited to see all of your new work.


petal and plume said...

sounds magical. your blog is just so wonderful!

Rockster1039 said...

That view o.o

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