Fremont Street

Yes, I still have Vegas posts to publish... Here we go!
Since we stayed in Downtown Vegas we spent most of our time on Fremont Street. I had never been here before and was pleasantly surprised! There was a lot to see and experience. As you walk down the street there are a lot of "performers". My favorite was this dancing group...
One of the biggest attractions on Fremont Street is the ceiling. Take a look for yourself...
As I was watching the light show, one of the performers came up and asked for a picture... really he just wanted some cash- like I have any money, move along plastic man (don't judge me for having no clue what he is supposed to be...).
I loved the vintage-feel that Fremont Street offers. There is a lot to see and do, definitely a fun alternative to the Strip.


Helena said...

I just came across your blog again through the reading list on my blogger site, and got reminded that I used to come here every now and then. I love when that happens, it's like a little 'surprise'.
Anyway, Vegas seems like so much fun! I'd love to go sometime. Been thinking about spending New Year's there, but that might not be the best time to go... ;)

Kaili at impeccablykaili said...

I would love to spend a weekend in Vegas. Looks like fun.


Shannon Willardson said...

This looks so fun! I love a good time in Vegas!


ohseems said...

great photos, looks fun! been to vegas sooo many times and have never discovered downtown vegas (or the true vegas). must check it out next time!

Claire said...

looks great! I really love the first photo x

Emma Jane said...

Vegas is for sure one of my favorite places on Earth. All of that glitz is so unreal and so fun to be a art of for a few nights. I had a horrible experience with Fremont Street when I went there the first time. This makes me want to try it again! Great pics!

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