Fall Style- Evening Wear

As most of you know, I had a big photo shoot back in July for City Creek Center here in Salt Lake City. The photos are finally published in IN Magazine and you can pick them up all around downtown. I feel like this is my first big break! It was such a great experience, I loved having this opportunity and I look forward to more. Everyone involved did an amazing job and was a joy to work with- especially on such short notice. I had a blast putting the outfits together, working with the stores involved, and directing this shoot.

These are the "evening wear" looks and last of the official photos from the shoot. (I'll post some behind the scenes soon) Enjoy!
Creative Director/ Stylist- me, Gentri Lee
Photographer- Clayton Gornichec
Videography- Derrick Lytle
Assistant Stylist- Nikki/ Fashions on the Fly
Assistant Photographer- Janessa Gornichec



They look so good Gentri! So proud of you

Brandi said...

Love that black and white striped skirt! Where's it from?

Rolled Up Pretty said...

That is SO cool you did this! Everyone looks AMAZING! :)

Hallie Oceanside said...

these pictures are GORGEOUS! They look amazing!

CaLea Bagley said...

Yes, let's do lunch.

CaLea Bagley said...

Yes, let's do lunch.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the shoot, it looks AMAZING!! The first of many, I imagine!!!

Shannon Willardson said...

Loving the bold green color!

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