Summer Daze

It's the end of Summer and I can't stand it. I mean, I'm excited for Fall; but that means Winter isn't far behind. I do love this "end of Summer" feeling- everything is hazy, there's an exciting feeling in the air- a feeling of a fresh start coming soon. I can't help but hold onto these last days of Summer. So much to do and so little time.
Just over a week ago I attended a blog event (what else is new?), the attire was "peaches and cream" and somehow I don't own either of those colors, how is this even possible? It was news to me, that's for sure. I didn't want that to keep me from attending, so I decided "taupe and white" would have to do... It was fun having an excuse to dress up and put my new Anthropologie Clutch to good use.
I'm loving these earrings from Jennifer Lane Designs, they make a serious statement and gave my frilly outfit some edge.
Yep, I am fully in love with this beaded clutch (which is now on sale!). The inside is mint green which is a fun surprise and pop of color.
dress- tjmaxx
blazer- nordstrom
shoes- nordstrom (old)
clutch- anthropologie (now on sale!)
bracelet- fifth and mae

Have you had a chance to dress up recently? I wish I had more opportunities for it. How do you feel about the end of Summer that is so rapidly approaching?

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natalie said...

So adorable! This outfit looks fantastic on you!

Lynn and Lou said...

You always just look so pretty! I love the white jacket with the dress. xx. McKenna Lou

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

gorgeous girl!

Carley Lee said...

This outfit combination is stunning, Gentri! You look so beautiful :)
I definitely agree that this end of summer season & excitement for fall is such a fun time. Although I'm not quite ready to let go of summer yet ;)

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

you look amazing!! Sad I missed that event.

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

You are seriously gorgeous! Can't get over your perfect bangs/eyebrows/eyes combo.

PS text or email me back. Let's exchange an outfit shoot sometime soon :)

P. said...

This dress is ADORABLE!

My only opportunity to dress up is when I go to church, so I make the best of it! :)

Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

Lauren Crews said...

You have perfect bangs! Bangin' bangs. :)

Katherine Frazier said...

Gentri that dress is divine and it complements you hair and skin tones so great!

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