Peplum for Pants

On our second day in Las Vegas we were going to be walking a lot, I wanted to make sure I had an outfit that was comfortable and that still made me feel stylish. When I received THESE pants from Lulus, I was in heaven. Peplum isn't just for shirts, people! These are my new favorite pants and if I wear them every day- don't judge me. I'm also loving all of the jewelry from Fifth & MaeSweetness a Boos, and Color by Amber. I had so much fun mixing and matching the pieces to pull my outfits together.
My bangs we're doing something funky this day, so excuse their poofiness...
I was so excited to wear this beautiful headpiece. I loved how it brought this outfit together and I'm excited to try it with some others. That third strand on your left is actually supposed to go down the middle of the head, but I had no idea it fell to the side. Soooo we're just going to pretend it's supposed to be like that.
shirt- lulus
pants- lulus
jacket- nordstrom
shoes- nordstrom
headpiece- sweetness a boos
bracelets- color by amber
gold jewelry- fifth & mae

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you have a great week!


Brandi said...

Cute! And I am loving your hair!

Larissa said...

Way to pull of the peplum pant! Inspiring me to be more adventurous in my clothing

Stesha said...

I love these pants, I always looked at them but never had the guts to try them! You look amaze as always

brooke field said...

cute! love that look!

Jessi said...

So I totally almost got these pants but I was worried they'd make my big hips look even bigger. But DANG they are SO cute on you! Now I want them all over again! Love that gorgeous headpiece too!

Danee said...

What I wonder is why "we" (and by "we" I mean Us womens) are embracing a trend that makes our hips appear bigger. I used to be addicted to Project Runway and I can't tell you how many times DESIGNERS (I know you just read that in Tim Gunn's voice) are ripped into for adding bulk in the hip area of their garments. Oh, right...you watch it too...(and I don't know why I stopped watching? Hmmmmm time to ponder). Sorry....back on track.....THE judges would aways go on about "women"... "hippy" "women not happy", "thin silhouette" "blah, bablah, bablah". Yet here we are, wearing peplums. Peplums now Now on pants?? What is next...Peplum Panties? Ponder this.... I can only speak of the uber-fashionably fashionable females who rock fashion in the fashion capital (of the midwest)who are embracing Peplums and rocking Yoga pants. Not together...that would be stupid. No, as two separate yet opposing trends. Ponder,..now...GO.

All late-night-ridiciulousness aside, you rocked the look. You made it fun and flirty but by adding the denim jacket you kept it age appropriate. I can see where the peplum pant could easily go right to "You'reTheCutestLittleThingIn
TheWorldLetMePinchThoseCheeks"(on your face...Jeez!) If one isn't careful. One false move and you could be rocking a look envied by every 4-year-old on your block.

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

Love the outfit! And your hair always looks amazing.

Shio Waline said...

You are gorgeous Gentri!! Love my headpiece on you! I need to add it to my shop!! Broken monitor and all has been making it hard to post pics :( Thanks for rockin' my stuff so well!! xoxo!!

Amanda said...

So cute, Gentri! You are rocking it! :)

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