As you know I spent last week in Las Vegas. Unlike most people- I am not a huge fan, but I hadn't ever spent time in Downtown Vegas, until now. Jet, Aubry, Sarah, and myself headed down to attend the Stitch Factory Speaker Series. Jet was invited to speak and we were able to take tours of The Downtown Project, Zappos Headquarters, the CEO's of Zappos Apartment, and The Stitch Factory. We loved having an excuse to spend the week together and dress up for the events. Everyone we met was so nice, especially those in charge of the week. We stayed in The Ogden which is a beautiful building in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. I'm amazed at all of the new projects The Downtown Project is undertaking. They really are trying to re-build this city and make it a beautiful hip new community to live in and visit.

Eat.- One of our favorites owned by the Chef Natalie
Emergency Arts is a place for artists to come, work on their projects, and display their art in the gallery.
Even if we know what this shoe stands for- we still loved that there was a giant light up high heel.
The pool on the top of The Ogden
Thank you to the Downtown Project, Stitch Factory, Zappos, and all involved 


Karm said...

Lovely photos, and interesting. I have never really spent time in the downtown area, but now that you intrigued me, it is a must when we go back.

Lisa Pappalardo said...

Great photos! Looks like such a good time. I feel like I need to make a trip now.

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Hallie Oceanside said...

Love these pictures. I have never been to Vegas and I am DYING to go!
it looks SO fun!

P. said...

I love these pictures! I want to go to Vegas now just so I can visit its downtown--it looks like it has a ton of character! :)

Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

Haili Hunter said...

Sounds like you had fun!!

Love you cute girl!


Claire said...

loooove the photos as always. Makes me wanna go :)

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