If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you are aware that I spent last week in Las Vegas. First, I'd like to apologize for overgramming! I couldn't help it. Second, I'd like to tell you how amazing downtown is! I hadn't ever spent time here and now know that I will only go to Vegas if I'm staying downtown. The strip isn't for me, but I love what the Downtown Project and Zappos are doing to bring downtown back to life.
This shirt is from Lulu's, it was the perfect shirt to throw on after a long drive. It made getting dressed simple but gave my outfit a professional look it needed for our tour through the CEO of Zappos apartment.
This dainty gold bracelet and the rings I'm wearing are from Fifth & Mae. I am in love with every piece she sells. Great quality, nothing crazy trendy, and it's all stuff I will wear for a long time to come.
shirt- Lulus
pants- Costco
shoes- Nordstrom
hat- Old Navy
Sunglasses- Nordstrom
rings & gold bracelet- Fifth & Mae
bracelets- Color By Amber

I was in Vegas to represent Fashion Utah for the Stitch Factory Speaker Series. Have you ever spent time in Downtown Vegas? If not or if you have a trip coming up- make it a point to check it out! I will be posting more about it soon!


Night Chayde said...

Omg I need those shoes!!! Looks like I need to keep my eyes peeled more at Costco for cute shoes ;)


Amanda said...

Could you be anymore adorable? Love that shirt and that hat! Seems like you had a really great time in Vegas!

Night Chayde said...

Ok just kidding saw that the pants were from Costco ;) but still!! I never thought about cute pants from there and I love those too. :)

Stesha said...

So glad you are having fun, I love Vegas too! love the shirt on you miss!


Jessica Wray | PEONY said...

sounds like a blast and I'm loving those pants on you!

The Lady Okie said...

Gah! How are you able to look so dang cute and unashamed when you're clearly standing in the middle of the sidewalk/street! I need to be more like you :)

brooke field said...

good to know about downtown vegas. we had some friends move there and have been wanting to visit.

Bridgette Nicole said...

You look adorable! Vegas is awesome! :) Never been downtown though! Sounds like I need to make a trip now! :)

P. said...

I hear ya! The Strip isn't for me either. It was overwhelming and... just too much of too many things I dislike too much. LOL.

I love your shirt and your flats! Super cute. :)

Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

Tallia said...

these photos are just so sharp and divine!


Megan said...

Perfect outfit for Vegas! Love how relaxed you look in these photos, so nice!

<3 Megan

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